How to Be a Successful Private Lender

A Complete 4 Hour Online Class
Saturday, April 7th, 9 am – 1 pm

The stories I hear would break your heart…

My young friend Scott* just lost his entire savings of $35,000, and he’ll likely never see a dime of it back.

See, he loaned it to an ‘experienced rehabber’ who offered Scott ‘a perfect deal’, right on Scott’s own street.

What Scott didn’t realize was that the borrower never recorded Scott’s mortgage, and he sold the house and kept all the money. When Scott contacted a lawyer, he was told that this ‘rehabber’ has done this many times, has multiple judgments against him, was clever enough not to put any assets in his own name, and is basically uncollectible.

Mary* inherited some money from her father last year and loaned $15,000 of it to a friend to buy a package of houses. When the friend flaked out and forfeited all the properties back to the seller, Mary found out that there wasn’t a thing she could do—all she had was a worthless note against the assets of the now-insolvent company.

When Patricia’s* husband passed away, he left her $160,000. When she was offered the chance to get 12% interest on her nest egg, she jumped at it. After all, the company that called to offer her this amazing deal was vetted by and recommended by her favorite guru, and she only had to leave the money invested for 6 months. When I got involved 11 months later, I had to tell Patricia to get a lawyer, because the legal documents they now-evaporated company I read it 11 months later, after the company had evaporated, taking everything this widow had to live on for the rest of her life with them.

These, and the dozens of  similar stories I hear every single year, make me super-sad and super-angry at the same time.

After all, being a private lender CAN be a relatively safe, high-yielding investment…and the steps to making sure you’re in a legitimate deal just aren’t that hard.

In fact, they’re so easy that in just 4 hours, I can teach you exactly how to lend your money (or your IRAs) to experienced, ethical, legit investors with minimal risk and maximum chance that you’ll get the passive income you were looking for.

Join Me Online April 7th from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. EST,
And Learn How to Make Excellent Returns

I’ll show you:

  • Exactly how a private lending deal is SUPPOSED to work, from the lender’s perspective, so you know when something’s “off”
  • How to screen your borrowers thoroughly—no more “she was the president of my REIA, so I thought she was a good person” excuses
  • What you need to know about any deal you’re putting your money in before you even CONSIDER wiring funds
  • The top 5 ways that con men scam private lenders
  • How to find borrowers
  • What insurance and documentation you MUST have in place to protect your investment
  • How Dodd-Frank affects your deals, and the simple thing you need to do to comply
  • Where to deliver your money to make sure it’s safe
  • And much more

This class is a fully complete tutorial on what you need to know to be a successful private lender. There’s no upsell, no next level to buy.

I’m Giving this Class ONE TIME
and at a Stunningly Low Price,
Because I’m So Sick of Hearing Horror Stories…

I’ve been a private lender and I’ve borrowed money from private lenders, so I know that these deals SHOULD BE win-win, relatively low-risk, low-hassle deals.

But there are a lot of bad guys out there taking advantage of private lenders who don’t know how to protect themselves, and a lot of undereducated borrowers who are messing up deals unintentionally.

This online class includes:

  • A detailed manual
  • Sample forms, contracts, and checklists
  • 4 hours of live online training
  • The recordings of that training for you to review again and again

And it’s only $397 to attend, with a full satisfaction guarantee.

If You’re Not Willing to Spend $397
To Learn to Protect Your Money,
Please Don’t Become a Private Lender….

When you join me, you’ll be trading a little money for a lot of knowledge and safety, so If you’ve even CONSIDERED becoming a private lender or partner, or think you might do it in the near future, I’m begging you to join me, for your own protection.

Register here or at (513) 471-5008; we’ll get you the link for the online class and the manual to review before the 7th.

I look forward to helping you become a more successful private lender on April 7th!

P.S. If you’re an Inner Circle member, you get a $50 discount!

P.P.S. Even if you can’t join me live on the 7th, register now to get the best price, the manual, and the recordings when they’re finished!