Apartment Investing Mastery Home Study Course and 4-Day Boot Camp (COREE)


In this Apartment investing bundle, you’ll receive the following:

  • Home Study Course Flash Drive with over 37 files and 1GB of information including Audio, Video, Before and After Contract Analysis Spreadsheets and Forms files. ($995. Retail value)
  • 4-Day Apartment/Commercial Buying Boot Camp ($995. Retail value)
  • Follow-up Quick Start Coaching Program ($399. Retail value)
  • *Adding an additional family member/partner for Boot Camp  ($995. Retail value)

What you’ll learn at the 4-Day Apartment/Commercial Buying Boot Camp:

  • Locating Properties – You’ll learn multiple ways to find deals and tools to analyze markets
  • Quick Analysis – You’ll learn to analyze a deal in minutes, not hours or days to determine if you want to make an offer
  • Offers – You’ll learn how to submit an LOI, structure & present your offer in order to get it noticed
  • Financing – You’ll learn over 12 ways to finance your deals including Low and No Money Down Strategies like Master Lease Options & Wrap Mortgages
  • Due-Diligence – You’ll learn what documents you need from the Seller and what to do with them once received
  • Negotiation – I’ll show you multiple ways you can negotiate with a seller before and after going under contract
  • Closing – The finish line! You’ll learn what to expect at the closing table
  • Includes an 8-week follow-up coaching program after the completion of the boot camp to get you to hit the ground running and taking action.

Anthony guarantees you’ll learn more in his 4-Day Boot Camp than in anyone else’s program or he’ll give you DOUBLE* your money back!!


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