Transactioneering Mastery Academy

Ya know those guys who
live on their passive cashflow
and never seem to need money or credit for deals?

This online academy teaches you to be just like them.

Transactioneering Mastery Academy
8 Week Online Course

Dear Fellow Wealth Seeker;

Flipping is fun, but the real money in real estate comes from:

  • Passive, low-taxed cash flow
  • Long-term appreciation
  • Getting other people to pay off your mortgages for you
  • Ending up with more monthly income than you have outgo—as soon as possible

In other words, holding some properties for INVESTMENT, instead of selling everything for quick cash.

But you already knew that, didn’t you?

What you REALLY need to know is, “How do I get to the point where I have enough passive income to be truly financially independent, relatively fast, when I don’t have the cash or credit to buy all the properties, I need to do that?”

The Folks Who Have What You Want
Just Know Something You Don’t…

Lots of people reach the goal of more passive income than bills in real estate.

The problem is, it takes most of them 40 years to do it.

I mean, c’mon, collecting that many assets, and then paying them off so that the cash flow is ginormous, is a long-term project, right?

If you do it the ‘conventional’ way—paying cash, or putting lots of money down and borrowing from banks, yes.

But the investors we want to emulate—the ones who seem to go from zero to retired in a relatively short period of time—don’t use cash or credit to do it.

See, there are 3 currencies you can bring to a real estate deal: time, money, or knowledge.

The folks you most admire, who seem to have lots of time and money, have it because they don’t use it to buy real estate.

Instead, the leverage a specific kind of knowledge: the knowledge about how to buy deals “creatively”, using win-win seller financing techniques like owner-held mortgages, buying “subject to”, even contracts for deed and lease/options.

It’s a combination of knowing HOW these things work, WHO will benefit from and agree to them, and WHAT to do to ‘document’ and protect these long term deals.

It’s a combination that we call “Transactioneering”.

Here’s How Mastering Transactioneering
Makes You More Money RIGHT NOW…
And Sets You Up to Be
Truly Financially Independent
In No Time Flat

When you learn to stop trying to “find” deals and start MAKING deals (there’s a reason they call it that, you know), here’s what kinda automatically happens in your business:

  • You stop dreading “negotiating with sellers” and start looking forward to it—because when you can offer MULTIPLE solutions to a seller’s problems, and let him pick the best one for him, it gets exciting, challenging, and fun to make lots of money helping people
  • You start collecting more of those good-quality, cash flowing rentals you didn’t think you could “afford” right now, because you can buy them practically rent-ready, for $1,000 down or less, with no-qualifying financing
  • You start turning those “one hit wonder” wholesale deals into a big check up front PLUS passive income for months or years afterward—still without investing one dime of your own cash
  • You make 50% more deals from the same leads you’re already getting—because you’re suddenly equipped to see the deals that were there all along, but didn’t fit the primitive mold of your current thinking about what a deal IS.

You Can Spend 25 Years
Learning These Skills (like I did)
Or You Can Spend 8 Weeks…

Like you, I used to think that making money in real estate was all about finding motivated sellers. Dig up enough of them, and SOME will sell cheap, right?

Then, as I got a little more experienced and educated and connected, I began to see that in the best deals I heard about there was something more involved than just price.

Something about solving seller’s problem—especially when their “problem” can’t be solved with a cheap cash offer.

Something about being able to look at each seller’s situation individually, and having different tools to come up with unique solutions for their unique needs.

Something about working WITH sellers to find solutions, instead of AGAINST them to try and get my price.

     If you are now like I was then, you know you need to get better at seeing, evaluating, and explaining multiple ways of buying the same property.

You need to be better at being 100% confident when you make terms offers, and KNOWING that they’ll make you money.

You need to be better at explaining these out-of-the-box concepts to your sellers in a way that they can understand.

You need to be better at documenting and protecting your deals.

And better—much better—is just what you’ll become
when you join my online
Transactioneering Mastery Academy

I put together this all-new event after years of watching my high-level coaching students struggle with the process of putting together winning creative deals—even as I bought dozens of properties with owner financing, split funds, non-cash down payments, no interest, and other “weird” terms.

So I’ve distilled over 2 decades of combined negotiation and deal-making experience into 8 installments of hardcore, practical techniques for you. Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

Part 1: Molding Your Transactioneering Mind

I’ll start by giving you a completely new way of approaching deals: as an investor with multiple solutions to any potential seller problem, able to see profitable ways of doing deals that other people are passing on.

 Part 2: Ninja Negotiating Techniques

Next, you’ll get a whole new, improved negotiation toolbag to work with. From the questions to ask, to the objections you’ll need to be able to answer, and, most importantly, the tact to take with every seller to get him on your side, right from the beginning.

Part 3: Negotiating and Documenting No Qualifying, No-Interest Seller Finance Deals

When you buy properties straight from sellers, you should practically NEVER be paying interest. But do you know how to say that to the seller and get an enthusiastic “Yes” instead of a firm “No way”? I do—and Ive done it dozens of times, so I’ll show you exactly what paperwork you need to write the offer and close the deal.

Part 4:  Negotiating and Documenting “Subject to” Deals

There are an awful lot of 3%-5% interest loans floating around out there, and there will be for the next decade or so. Wanna take over some of them? Then you’d better know the situations in which you should NEVER take over someone else’s mortgage; the 7 documents you need to have to tie up and execute a subject to deal, and the 5 things you’d better disclose if you don’t want your deal to blow up months or years later. These are all things we’ve learned the hard way—but that you’ll just be handed when you attend this workshop!

Part 5: Control without Ownership—Land Contracts and Lease/Options.

There are times when it’s not in your best interest to get the title to a property, and when it’s not possible or not best for the seller to give it to you. So, are you gonna walk away, or are you going to make money off of these deals anyway? We’ll show you the circumstances under which less control can be BETTER, and what to do when you find these deals.

Part 6: Structuring Your Deal Safely

One of the biggest dangers of creative deals is not understanding how to “do the math”, and ending up in a deal that’s NOT profitable, and puts both you and your seller at risk of losing money. We’ll spend a LOT of time going over how to structure deals to make SURE they’re good ones, before you do them.

And OF COURSE You’ll Get:

  • A detailed workbook with all of the forms, contracts, and paperwork you need to complete the kinds of creative deals we’ll focus on. These are documents I’ve developed over years of trial and error, and you can’t buy them anywhere else at any price
  • The audio and video recordings of the class, so you can review it over and over at your leisure.
  • The support you need to go forth and do deals, in the form of a 6 month membership to my Inner Circle program (or a big discount if you’re already a member).

Yeah, Yeah, I Need It—
What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

The smart-ass answer? A lot less than it’s costing you NOT to know this stuff.

Most people become transactioneers over the course of DECADES, with endless lost deals and messed-up paperwork left in their wake.

Until now, there hasn’t BEEN a shortcut to this process, and that’s exactly what we’re offering you—a way to cut years off your learning curve and be able to make these deals now.

We should be charging 5 figures for this program, or insisting on getting half of the profits from the deals you make for the next year, because this information is that powerful and that hard to get.

Instead, for THIS EVENT ONLY, you can get the benefit of information that most of your competitors will literally NEVER figure out for just $1,597. *

*Inner Circle and Express Success Members get 10% off; FastTrack members are, of course, free.

Or, If It Doesn’t Work,

You Can Pay Absolutely Nothing…

We’re so sure that what you take away from the Transactioneering Mastery Program is both “for real” and implementable by a normal human being without a Ph.D. in real estate that we’re offering this absolutely no-risk guarantee:

 You’ll Make AT LEAST 50% More Money
from the Leads You’re Already Generating,
or Your Money Back

You read that right—you’ll make half again as much as you’re making right now without spending an extra dime on marketing. That’s because you’ll be able to put together MORE deals and BETTER deals with the sellers you already have.  And you have up to 30 days AFTER the workshop is over to try it out—if we’re wrong, you can return the materials for a full, no-questions-asked refund!

25+ Years of Combined Transactioneering Experience, Spoon Fed to You in 8 Weeks

A 100% No-Risk Performance Guarantee.
And You’re STILL Looking for an Excuse Not to Sign Up

Well, Here’s One.

Let’s be clear on what the Transactioneering Mastery Program is—and what it isn’t, because I don’t want to waste your time or mine if it’s not right for you.

The Transactioneering Master program will:

  • Show you how to THINK and TALK like a transactioneer. You’ll be able to do more deals and better deals with the same sellers you’re already dealing with
  • Give you a whole new, easier, more comfortable way of talking to civilian sellers about creative deals
  • Walk you through the calculations and paperwork you need to put together owner financed and subject to deals

But it’s NOT about:

  • How to generate leads
  • Exit strategies for the deals once you’ve made them

If you’re a completely lost newbie who has no idea how to find sellers in the first place, or how to wholesale, retail, rent, or lease/option, or otherwise make money on properties once you’ve tied them up, STAY HOME. You’re not ready for this class.

But, if you know how to find sellers—whether it’s direct mail, bandit signs, or even CraigsList, and you know what you plan to do with them once you’ve got ‘em, this program is exactly what you’ve been looking for—a complete process for getting the deals out of those leads that you’re not seeing right now, because you don’t know what you’ll know when you leave.

You Don’t Have to be a Genius,
or Even Hyper-Experienced,
to be a Master Transactioneer.

But Ya Do Have to Be Smart Enough
to Grab a Seat
(there are only 50)

You don’t have to have a ginormous IQ or years in the field to do these deals. Drew and I have walked many relatively new investors through the process one on one (and by the way, those folks paid an average of $12,000 each for that service).

But you certainly have to be smart enough to know that you’re losing out on deals that could put tens of thousands of extra dollars a year into your pocket…and creating passive cash flow that you don’t have now…and that you’d be a much happier person if you could truly look forward to talking to sellers, instead of dreading it…and that this program will fix all that for you.

The thing is, I’m limiting this class to just 50 new students—any more, and I won’t be able to answer all the questions, deal with all the deals I expect you to bring me to review, or otherwise give each of you the attention you want.

It’s just $1597 to Attend*.

You’ll Have No Travel Expenses.

You’ll Get the Support You Need.

Quit Whining and Sign Up Before We Run Out of Seats.

If you’re right for this program, you’re smart enough to figure out the return on investment of spending $1,597 to get skills that you’ll use on deal after deal, year after year, and on paperwork it would cost you twice that to get your attorney to make for you.

So don’t leave this page until you’ve registered. For real.

I look forward to sharing this powerful and exciting information with you online.