The Hands-On Wholesaling Academy

August 22-25, Cincinnati


Event Location: Holiday Inn Cincinnati N - West Chester

The Oddest Guarantee You’ll Ever See…

At the Real Estate Goddess’s HANDS-ON Wholesaling Academy,

I Guarantee that You Won’t Learn a Thing.

(Instead, You’ll EXPERIENCE, Step-by-Step, How Wholesale Deals Work-- So That You Can Get Off the “Learning Curve” and Get to Making Real Money!)

Dear Fellow Wealth Seeker;

Let me start by saying that there’s no reason in the world why you should travel to Cincinnati—or anywhere else—to learn “how wholesaling works”.

Wholesaling itself is so easy to understand that you sure don’t need leave your home to learn how it works…as a matter of fact, if you don’t know the basics of how to find, evaluate, and put properties under contract at the right price, you’re in the wrong place altogether, and you should click here.

Yes, wholesaling is the fastest, easiest, most risk-free way of making money in any real estate market. Every real estate investor knows it, and every real estate investor agrees!

        The only reason to travel all the way to Cincinnati is to put your wholesaling career on the fast track by EXPERIENCING a real wholesaling business and PARTICIPATING as real life deals happen!

From live phone interviews real sellers to touring properties on the market to meeting team behind a successful wholesaling enterprise, that’s exactly what you’ll find at the Real Estate Goddess’s Live, Hands-On Wholesaling Academy, August 22nd-25th in Cincinnati.



Ben Franklin portraitBen Franklin Said:
“Tell Me, and I Forget.
Teach Me, and I Remember.
Involve Me, and I Learn.”

(Ben Would Love
The Hands-On Wholesaling Academy)

See, my Academy is designed to really SHOW you how wholesale deals happen, and how to build your own 6-figure business doing them.

When you attend the Academy, not only will you get my awesome Wholesaling School 8 week online course (a $1,597 value on its own) to teach you the academics of wholesaling, but

You’ll also get “hands on” with the business. You’ll listen in on real negotiations, tour real properties, and watch real deals being done!

If you’re like most people, you learn best not by reading or listening to CDs, but by EXPERIENCING.

I mean, you wouldn’t try to become an expert skier, or chef, or surgeon by reading a book, would you?

And at the Hands-On Wholesaling Academy, you’ll really experience how wholesale deals happen. You’ll be able to use what you learn to earn $5,000-$20,000 PER DEAL, or you’ll pay nothing…but more on that later.

Spend 4 Days Participating in a
6-Figure Wholesaling Business,
Then Go Home and Build Your Own…


I’ve been wholesaling properties since 1996 in “hot” markets and “cold” ones.

I’ve flipped over 800 properties and earned literally millions of dollar doing it.

Wholesaling properties for quick, cash profits has allowed me to work when I want to, be lazy when I want to, travel when I want to, and teach other people to get rich when I want to. I go to work in my bunny slippers and love what I do—and you will, too.

Now, as you can imagine, after more than a dozen years wholesaling properties, I have systems and procedures and a team that makes the business easy for me.

And the whole purpose of the Hands-On Wholesaling Academy is to let you AVOID the 10-year learning curve I went through, and jump straight into a full-blown, 5-figure A MONTH wholesaling business using MY systems and MY processes!

That’s a Big Promise, and I’m Going to Fulfill it in 5 Stages over 4 Days…

1. You’ll listen in on actual negotiations with real sellers to see how I get rock-bottom prices on properties—and why the sellers are happy to sell to me for pennies on the dollar

2. You’ll tour actual properties on the market, and learn my systems for quickly and accurately inspecting houses and estimating repairs so that you can ALWAYS feel secure that you’re making the right offer

3. You’ll see how to market your deals to buyers to get a cash payday of $5,000, $10,000, or even more right away

4. You’ll learn about the systems, processes, job descriptions, and hiring of people to help you run your business

5. And…you’ll meet the whole team of people that make these deals happen—people who make wholesaling easy and let you make money even if you’re only wholesaling part-time


Want to See How Real
Wholesale Deals Happen?
Listen in as I Negotiate Rock-Bottom Prices
from Sellers…

Let’s face it, there are just certain things that can’t be taught or even demonstrated properly in a homestudy course.

      One of those things is how negotiations with sellers really happen, in real time, with all the twists and turns.

But a 4-day Academy is the perfect place to let you LISTEN IN on these calls, live. You’ll see, in real conversations with sellers, that the negotiation of profitable wholesale deals doesn’t have to be scary or adversarial… and when we’re done, you’ll know EXACTLY what to say to sellers to get your offers accepted, and how to say it!

Here’s Another Thing that
Makes My Wholesaling Academy
an Incredible Learning Experience for You:

The Hands-On Property Inspection Tour!


When you leave the Wholesaling Academy, I want you to have every tool you need to make boatloads of money wholesaling properties. And the one thing that can’t be taught in a classroom or a book is inspections and estimating.

That’s why when you act fast and get one of the limited seats at the Academy, you’ll get hands-on experience evaluating, inspecting, and estimating repairs in real junker properties.

On Saturday, we’ll pile on a bus, hit the road, and take a look at vacant, ugly houses the way real wholesalers do.

You’ll get to see:

  • HOW to determine who the most likely buyer of a property is
  • WHICH repairs a property needs, how much they’ll cost
  • WHAT offer to make to insure you’ll earn your wholesale fee quickly and easily

“In the 18 months since leaving my job, I’ve made over $100,000 wholesaling. Can you imagine what will happen when I fully implement your marketing plan? God bless you and thank you for all your mentoring. You truly are my ‘Real Estate Wholesaling Goddess’”.

Ken Edmonds
Covina, CA

When you’re done, you’ll be exhausted-and filthy-and entirely confident that you can evaluate wholesale deals right and make money every time. Hands-on is the only way to learn this important skill, and that’s why it’s such an important part of the Wholesaling Academy.

Plus this BRAND NEW Content-
How to Build a Real Wholesaling BUSINESS!

            Lots of people say they have a wholesaling “business”…but if they’re the ones stamping the letters, and getting the mailing lists, and taking the calls, and seeing the properties, and writing the offers, and posting the ads, they don’t have a wholesaling business—they have a wholesaling JOB.

And hey, that’s fine, if it’s what you want…

…But my guess is, you’d like to slowly HIRE people—VAs, marketing coordinators, acquisitions coordinators, lead managers—to take the work off of your plate, so that you can work ON your business, instead of IN it.

So I’m going to spend a lot of a full day sharing:

  • How to quickly and easily create the systems and processes you need to hire your first assistants
  • WHO should be in your business, and what their job descriptions look like, and how to find the right people, and who needs to be tied up with a non-compete agreement so that you don’t train them to compete with you
  • How wholesalers who earn 5 figures a month protect themselves from the crushing tax burden that can create
  • Technology that helps coordinate and communicate between all these folks
  • And more…

And This Isn’t Even a Complete List of

All I’m Going to Share About the

Real-Life Wholesaling Business!!!

I GUARANTEE You’ll Make a Ton of Money From

What You Learn, or You’ll Pay Nothing!


As you can see, the Wholesaling Academy is designed to answer every question, show you every secret, and give you every skill you need to be a money-generating machine. In fact, I’m so sure that the Wholesaling Academy will exceed your expectations that I’m making a special double guarantee I’ve never made before:

Guarantee #1:
You’ll be absolutely convinced that the Wholesaling Academy was worth MORE than your investment in it, or I’ll refund your tuition, no questions asked.

That’s right—you can stay the entire 4 days, and if you aren’t convinced that what you’ve learned is worth every penny you invested and more, just let me know, and I’ll give you back your entire tuition.

Guarantee #2:
Whether You’re a Newbie or an Experienced Wholesaler, The Wholesaling Academy Will Make You AT LEAST $10,000 More On Your Next 3 Deals, or Your Money Back

I’ll teach you how to make more deals, and better deals, and save money on taxes and advertising and a whole host of other expenses.  ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS USE THE SECRETS YOU LEARN, and I guarantee that you’ll see a profit of $10,000 on your next 3 deals.  If not, I’ll refund the difference up to your full tuition!

See, There’s No Risk!
And the Wholesaling Academy is Cheap, Cheap, Cheap…

If you’ve been to bootcamps in the past, you’re probably expecting the Wholesaling Academy to cost $5,000 to $10,000.

After all, that’s what others are charging for less complete information…but your investment in the Wholesaling Academy is just $2,497 per person or $2,997 per couple.  All this great info, the hands-on-property tour, the chance to meet and question my whole team, the live seller calls, the advanced business-building information—let’s face it, folks, it’s a bargain.  I know it, you know it, and we both know that the price will go up next time.

*Price includes Wholesale School; If you’ve already taken wholesale school, you have your own link for registering at a very significant discount…

Act Now and it Gets Even Better—
How About 6 Months of Free Coaching

Only 100 people can attend each Wholesaling Academy session. That’s how many the room will hold, that’s how many I can interact with and still give personal attention to those who want it, that’s how many I can get on a couple of busses for the property tour.

I just want to get this bad boy filled up and stop worrying about it, so here’s how I’m going to bribe you to sign up today (yeah, yeah, I know, the nice word is “bonus”—but let’s call ‘em what they are: shameless bribes!)

The Hands-On Wholesaling Academy comes with my amazing effective online Wholesale School (or a big discount if you already taken it) which is $1,597 all by itself, and which you need to get ready for the Hands-On Academy.

But when you register now, you also get all the follow up help you need to make this powerful information work for you and make you money immediately, with:

6 months of free, one on one, online coaching when you pre-register… Register now, and you’ll get the help you need to actually DO deals.

No more wondering what to do next…

No more questions that go unanswered and keep you from making offers…

No excuses—because you’ll have the experienced help you’ve always wanted and needed to build a real, profitable wholesaling business!

Oh, and… Bring a young person in your life at NO CHARGE…

How often have you said to yourself, “I wish I’d known about being an entrepreneur a LOT sooner?” I have, too, and I got started in real estate at 22!

Let’s solve that for your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews…ANY person in your life aged 12-22, by getting them to the Hands-On Wholesaling Academy FREE with your paid tuition…this offer is only good until seats run out, of course…

        Plus, $900 off when you register by August 15th: Help me fill this class up early, and it’s just $1,597 for you to attend, or $1,997 for you and a partner!

Remember, you only get these bonuses—worth over $1,500!—when you act NOW. All you have to do to get your seat is call 888-AskVena or click the button below:

See you in Cincinnati, August 22-25!


Vena Jones-Cox

888-AskVena (office)

P.S. You’ll get a confirmation email with the hotel information and what to bring after you register.

P.P.S. if you’re an Inner Circle member, you save an additional 10% off your tuition!