Here’s the agenda for the week:

Saturday 4/24  9 am – 1 pm

  • Your wholesaling process
  • Marketing review (send in that marketing!!)
  • Marketing that’s working today
  • Live seller calls
  • How to develop the buyer’s list you need NOW for a possible slowing of the market later

Monday 4/26

6:00 (optional bonus hour) Anatomy of a ‘financed flip’ and Live seller Calls
7:00 How to negotiate successfully with sellers
8:30 Meet the acquisition coordinator
9:00 END

Tuesday 4/27

6:00 (optional bonus hour) Anatomy of a deal
7:00 Comping properties live (with your free trial of propstream—click here for demo)
8:30 What to do when there are no comps
9:00 end

Wednesday 4/28

6:00 (optional bonus hour) Anatomy of a deal
7:00 How and when to use the purchase agreement, assignment agreement, purchase agreement for assignment, and escrow agreement

8:00 How to do trust assignments (and why I do them on every deal now)

Thursday 4/29

6:00 (optional bonus hour) Anatomy of a deal
7:00 what to expect when you’re inspecting: how to prepare for and complete a “walk through” to determine repair costs

Friday 4/30

Take the night off. You’re tired and so are we.

Saturday 5/1 9 am-2 pm

Virtual property tour: “walk through” 3 properties and learn how to diagnose and estimate for everything from bad wiring to bad foundations to kitchen and bath remodels