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How to Get Help Doing Your Deal (without getting a “mentor”)

by Vena Jones-Cox                   When you’re doing your first few deals—or doing your first few deals in a strategy that you haven’t explored before—you need help.                   Maybe it’s help evaluating the deal. Maybe it’s help with negotiation or contracts. Maybe it’s help understanding how to ‘price’ the rent or sale price. Maybe it’s help…

How Small Investors are Making Deals in an Over-priced Market

I was having a discussion this week with leaders of 12 real estate associations about why: “Small investor sentiment” is way down right now. Surveys are showing that nearly half of small rental owners and rehabbers think that this is a bad time to acquire properties, find deals, invest etc. But at the same time,…

Real Estate vs Other Passive Income – Diversify?

By Brandon Neely and Amanda Neely  Many investors like buying rental properties to make passive income. Passive income is money you earn without having to work for it every day. Owning rental homes or apartments means you can collect rent payments each month without doing much active work. Take the story of Jim and Cindy, for…

How to Get 100% Percent Financing Using Cross Collateralization

By Grant Smith and Chris Cascella What is Cross Collateralization?Cross collateralization is the act of using multiple assets to secure one loan. Who Qualifies for Cross Collateralization Deals?Investment property owners with high equity in an investment property or own a piece of investment real estate free and clear (no debt). Why Do Real Estate Investors…

What is the correct amount of insurance for my investment property?

By Bill Palte, Palte Insurance Agency  We are asked the question quite often. Unfortunately, there is no ”correct” answer. There are many variables in determining what this value should be. Let’s look at some of the factors in determining this value.   A note: the reconstruction value is not a “guaranteed” value – it is a “not…

Are You Working on the Wrong Things?

Hey, folks, Ron is going to be in Cincinnati and Columbus for 1-day workshops on July 28th (Cincinnati) and July 29th (Columbus) and it’s only $47 for 1 person ($67 for 2). Register now HERE it’s a great use of your day AND 100% satisfaction guaranteed   There’s a common mistake I see students making…

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