How to Comfortably, Successfully Negotiate with Sellers


All-Day Intensive Workshop: How to Comfortably, Successfully Negotiate with Sellers

In this really complete 1-day workshop, Vena Jones-Cox shows you how to build rapport with sellers, get to their real needs, plus answer the seller objections you’re worried about and get deals that you’re not getting right now.

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If you think that seller negotiation is about dickering over price, we guarantee that you’re not doing anything LIKE the number of deals you should be.

Our members who are doing lots of deals—whether those are cash deals, seller financing deals, or BOTH—know some things that you maybe don’t, like:

  • How to ask questions that get the seller to reveal their REAL problem, so that you can solve that instead of getting into a bidding war with competitors that you don’t really WANT to win
  • How to comfortably ask questions like, “What do you owe?” and “Are your payments cur- rent?” and “What do you plan to do with that money?” which are all super-important in figur- ing out HOW you’ll make your offer (and in getting it accepted!)
  • How to build real rapport with sellers, so that when they say “No” now, they’ll say “Yes” later
  • How to deal with sellers who ask questions that you don’t know the answer to, without feeling like an idiot
  • How to get with your OWN fear that you’ll make an offer you can’t perform on, ‘cause it’s stopping you from making offers…
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee–you’ll be glad you came, or your money back!


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