Fast Track to Financial Independence

A Personalized 12-month Program that Moves You Ahead Light Years in Your Investing Career

If you are passionately holding on to the hope that somewhere out there, there’s a true “turnkey investing system” that you can buy today and implement “as is” tomorrow, stop reading right now. I don’t want to be the one to crush your fantasies of the perfect, “done for you” strategy.

But if you’ve already figured out that what works for your colleagues, competitors, and gurus maybe needs a little tweaking to work with your life, your skills, and your goals, read this entire letter carefully, because I’m going to show you why you’re right.

My name is Vena Jones-Cox, and I’ve been investing in real estate for more than 25 years.

In that time I’ve wholesaled hundreds of properties for quick cash, lease/optioned and rented hundreds more, completed dozens upon dozens of creative, no money down deals, and even rehabbed and resold a house or two.

I’ve invested in well over $100,000 worth of real estate education in the form of bootcamps, homestudy courses, and even online classes. And I’m here to tell you:

The “done for you” real estate strategy is a pipe dream—or, more accurately, a salespitch that we all fall for.

The fact is, there is no “one size fits all” real estate strategy, because we’re all different—in terms of our goals, our strengths and weaknesses, our innate skills, and our ability to control our own time. And to think that ANY “done for you” strategy will exactly fit your skill set and lifestyle is just plain naïve.

Take any real estate strategy you can name, and I can show you 50 different ways that investors are making it work. Sure, the techniques are basically the same—buy low, sell high, or buy creatively, sell creatively, or whatever—but I can guarantee you that if you’re going to become a successful real estate entrepreneur, it’s going to be because you personalized your own real estate business to best meet your goals and fit with your skills and personality.

That’s why most investors can’t make it big with JUST the information about how to do a strategy. Most of us need more—we need one-on-one, hands-on guidance about how to make strategies work for US.

Imagine a Program That Was Designed Especially for You, to Guide You to Success Using Tried and True Techniques While Taking Into Account YOUR Strengths and Skills…

In a Nutshell, that's the FastTrack Program!

In a sense, there is no FastTrack “Program”.

No two members have the same experience in the program, because no two members have the same background, strengths, fears, or goals.

In the FastTrack program, I get to know YOU and the   aspirations, experiences, fears, and skills you bring to the table.

Together, we design an investing track that’s just for you, with long-term and interim goals, weekly tasks, and constant support from myself and my team of staff and successful students.

With your ambition and willingness to do what needs to be done to build a real estate business that works for you, and the real-world experience of me and my team, you practically can’t fail in the FastTrack Program.

So if you’ve got the courage it takes to embark on a journey that will actually change your life, read on…


Practically Anyone can Offer You Real Estate Education— Only I Give You the Rest of What You Need to Succeed

Yes, understanding what to do and how to do it is certainly important to your financial independence. And FastTrack members get plenty of education, including over $5,000 in free homestudy courses.

But there’s a yawning chasm between knowing and doing, and that’s the gap that most real estate investors can’t close.

As a FastTrack member, though, you get the support and encouragement you need to stop learning about real estate and start making money in real estate.

Once we’ve figured out what YOU need to do to make the money you want, we make sure you stay on track with “accountability calls”, where you report what you’ve accomplished, and I help you troubleshoot any challenges you’ve had.

Plus, only FastTrack members, among all of the real estate investors that I meet each year, get my cell phone number, so you can reach me at any time with important questions, deals in progress, or when you just need a push in the right direction. (Ask yourself, what other guru is so devoted to your success that they’re willing to let you call them any time?)

In short, if you’re willing to make the investment of time and money to get on the FastTrack to Financial Independence, we’ll give you all the tools you need to make it big in real estate.


Yes, FastTrack is a Big Investment of Time
(for you and me both!)
And Yes, it’s a Sizable Investment of Money, too…

But if You’re Truly Committed to Making Your Fortune in Real Estate, the FastTrack to Financial Independence is the Quickest,
Easiest Way to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Go!

Because of the significant investment of time I put into each individual FastTrack member, I only accept 40 new members each calendar year.

And because of the significant investment of energy I put into each individual FastTrack member, I don’t accept everyone who applies. Since we’ll be spending an entire year together, I want to make sure that it’s going to be a good experience for BOTH of us.

That’s why we need to decide together, through a free phone consultation, whether the FastTrack to Financial Independence Program is right for you.

Learn About All the Benefits of the Program (and the financial investment) Then, Fill Out the 1–Page Interview Form, and Schedule Your Free Consultation Today!

Working with FastTrack Students, getting to know them and watch them prosper beyond their wildest dreams, has been by far the most fulfilling aspect of my teaching career.

If you suspect that a personalized, intensive one-on-one program is just what you need to take your real estate business where you want it to go, join the dozens of successful FastTrack students and graduates that have used my help to make their dreams come true.

I look forward to working with you.