Hi, I'm Vena Jones-Cox and I'm practically giving away my Inner Circle content...

Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur;

Why Aren't You Getting Embarrassingly Rich in the HOTTEST, Easiest-to-Navigate Real Estate Market in History?

I mean, look around you.

I bet you see tons of people making money and doing deals that are, not to put too fine a point on it, a lot stupider than you are.

And I bet you've done all the right things - bought the homestudy courses, attended the seminars and bootcamps, joined your local real estate association...

But There's Still Something Crucial Missing, And I Know What it is.

My name is Vena Jones-Cox, and I've been buying, selling, financing, and renting properties for over 25 years.

I've made money in up markets and down markets; buyer's markets and seller's markets; markets where getting financing was as easy as fogging a mirror and as hard as scaling Mt. Everest without a Sherpa.

I've also been teaching real estate entrepreneurs to create and build profitable businesses for over a decade through non-profit real estate investor associations and my own seminars and courses.

It's because of all this personal and teaching experience that I know exactly what it is that's stopping you from creating complete and total financial independence:

You Don't Have the Support You Need to Make "Rich" Happen for You!

I am amazed at the number of budding and even experienced real estate entrepreneurs I meet that believe that every successful investor around them is a self-made millionaire.

I've never actually met a "self-made" millionaire.

I know I'm not one.

If I had had to "go it alone", I would never, ever have found the courage to make my first offer...

...much less the resources to finance it, get it fixed, or get that first big check in my pocket.

See, here's the big secret EVERY real estate guru, group leader, and millionaire knows, but no one talks about:

Education is Crucial to Real Estate Success
But it's Not Enough. Ever. For Anyone.

To make money in the real estate business, you HAVE to learn your craft.

It's soooooooo easy to make big mistakes when you're reinventing the wheel - in fact, my guess is that 99% of budding real estate entrepreneurs who try to "learn by doing", without so much as a homestudy course to guide them, lose money on their first few deals.

So yes, you've done the right thing by socking away all that information in your brain.

But although there are some awesome manuals, CDs, and seminars out there (and some really bad ones, too), the fact is that:

No matter how thoroughly you've been educated,
No matter how obsessively detailed the instruction,
And no matter how smart or determined YOU are
You simply can't succeed without ongoing support, encouragement, and study.

I've seen it over and over again...

You attend a workshop or read a book.
You get it. You understand what you're supposed to do and how to do it.
You go out in the world to do it...
And you get completely STUCK.

You can't actually "do" the deal, because you have questions that your education didn't - in fact, COULDN'T - answer.

Questions like:

Have I evaluated this particular deal right?
Have I thought through all the pros and cons of this particular property?
What does this weird clause in my agent's contract mean?
Is this crack in the foundation a big deal, or just normal settlement?
The seller just asked me why I can't get my own financing - what the heck do I say?
The buyer wants to pay my wholesale fee in 6 months - what do I do?

And you know what ends up happening? You either:

•   Don't make the offer at all, because you're afraid of making a mistake or

•   Make the wrong offer, because you weren't able to evaluate ALL of the pros, cons, ins, and outs of the deal right up front.

You Need Expert Support to Do Deals, Period.

Ask yourself this:

"How much more successful would I ALREADY be if I'd had an expert - preferably a 6' tall redhead with 25 years' experience - that I could call on to help me evaluate deals, weigh out the pros and cons of strategies, and kick my butt when I needed it?"

If you're being honest with yourself, I bet your answer is, "A WHOLE lot more successful."

I've watched literally thousands of new real estate investors succeed and fail - and I can tell you that for those who actually make it in this business, this kind of expert assistance is absolutely crucial.

In fact, I had a mentor when I was starting out in real estate and at every stage since. That's the God's honest truth, and if I hadn't had this help, I don't know how I would have done the 600+ deals that I have in my career.

I was just as scared and confused as you are at every step of the way - from making my first offer to wholesaling my first deal - and without the coaching of my various mentors, I'd probably have given up and become a corporate drone.

Thank you sooooo much for breaking [this deal] down for me. You left no doubt in my mind not to do this deal. I love that you are so direct and brutally honest. This teaches me a valuable lesson for the future. I appreciate it veryyyy much.

Ree R., Cincinnati

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for this inner circle opportunity. I attended my first Wed. night call last night, and I must say the sheer volume of knowledge I gained last night was well worth the time!

Eric R., Homosassa FL

I Know - Expert Help is Hard to Find. That's Why I Started the Inner Circle Program: To Give You The Ongoing Support, Encouragement, and Education You Need...At a Price You Can Afford!

I enjoy helping new investors like you get your first profit check - and helping you get from there to building an actual real estate business that creates both active and passive income for your family for generations.

Getting you to that next level is fulfilling for me - it is, in a way, my real calling.

That's why I created the Real Estate Estate Goddess's Inner Circle - an affordable, pay-as-you-go program to get you the help you need to get where you want to go.

  • Unlimited Q + A coaching from ME, personally.

    The unlimited Q + A is the most important benefit of your Inner Circle membership. You can ask questions about specific deals, the real estate market in general, your goals and business plan, marketing – anything. You can also read all public questions and join in the conversation with other Inner Circle members. As an Inner Circle member, you’ll have the option to post private messages to me – and receive quick answers to your real estate conundrums!

    And let me be clear: it’s actually ME who will be answering your questions. It won’t be some minion, or a dude in a phone room in Utah. It will be me, personally, as long as you’re a member.

  • A monthly Inner Circle group coaching webinar

    where I’ll share an additional tip, strategy, deal analysis, or something happening in the market AND answer questions live. These webinars will be recorded and posted to the membership site as well.

  • All basic skills webinars available on demand

    to teach you all the basics you need to know to invest in real estate. My complete library of 26 instructional videos with important topics ranging from how to evaluate properties to how to find great deals to how to wholesale, retail, rent, and lease/option properties. You’ll learn 3 ways to buy properties without banks, how to negotiate great deals, how to use contracts, the basics of asset protection—it’s a complete education in the basics of real estate.

    This series sells for $797 separately, but it’s FREE to Inner Circle members!

  • At least 10% off all of my courses, seminars and events.

    Want to go even further in learning about a particular topic such as wholesaling, marketing, creative finance, negotiation or business building? I’ve got a course for that.

    And as an Inner Circle member, you’re entitled to a standard discount of 10% off of all of my already-inexpensive homestudy courses and bootcamps.

  • Special "Inner Circle Only" events

    At many of my live seminars and conferences. Events like VIP cocktail parties with me and the speakers, free luncheons…whatever my creative brain can come up with as a special benefit for you!

Both the last 2 webinars were so relevant & useful for what I want to do. For many points made, I felt they directly applied to me. These were awesome. And also made me realize my weak areas & how much I need to improve.

Narendre M, Cincinnati

Vena's Inner Circle brings me weekly motivation, skill-building, and money-losing-avoidance techniques that a smart investor cannot afford to miss. Inner Circle helps me think problems through better, avoid costly lawsuits, and become the best investor I can be. Inner Circle gives my business the oxygen it needs to stay alive and grow.  Thank you, Vena. Truly, I'm better for having known you.

Robert M, Nashville

Your monthly investment in the Real Estate Goddess's Inner Circle is LESS than what you pay for cable TV - and a whole lot more likely to make you rich. At $59.97/month, for all this education and support, it's a no-brainer.

But Wait, There's More -

I'm looking for 100 serious students to work with at a time. I can't effectively help more of you than that, and I'm not interested in being your mentor if you aren't really committed to using my expertise to take you to the next level.

As a dedicated student of investing, you're probably skeptical about whether you can really get expert support and great basic education for under $60 a month - after all, I bet you've been offered inferior programs for a whole lot more money.

With an Inner Circle membership, you'll get -

•   Unlimited ability to get your questions answered by ME, personally
•   Periodic blog posts with my up to the minute thoughts about the real estate world
•   Monthly Inner Circle group coaching webinars
•   10% off my courses and live events

Not to butt kiss, but these webinars are amazing, Vena. Thank you for providing this info and education.

Jerrold S, Chicago

That's great advice. I'll go that route. I know I'd be absolutely stuck without you answering me.  Thank you VERY much for your prompt and helpful responses.

Margie D.

I'm Betting a Bunch of My Own Time and Energy That You'll Be Hooked on Your Own Success...

There's no long-term commitment: you can quit anytime.

So let's summarize:

Join the Inner Circle today, and...

1.   Get the expert help you need to do smart, profitable deals

2.   Get the education you need to make money fast

3.   Get the business plan blueprint you need to plan your strategy and impress potential money people (limited time only)

4.   Have the no questions asked ability to quit at any time or, you can continue to get the coaching and education that will elevate your business to the next level, for just $59.97 per month

I Think That's What They Call a No-Brainer.

Vena RE GoddessThis is so good, even I want to join.

So don't wait - this is the most affordable training and support you'll ever see!

I look forward to working with you,



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