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Saturday January 30th, Online
The QuickStart Guide to
Making Money
Wholesaling Houses in 2021

Ya’ll know I love wholesaling.

Why? Because it’s just an awesome strategy—it produces quick checks of $5,000, $10,000, or even more (I made $70,000 on a single deal this year, and that’s in the relatively cheap Cincinnati market) WITHOUT the need to fix or manage properties. It’s one of the few real estate strategies that really does allow you to make money without a lot of cash or credit.

But what you DO have to have is education—otherwise, you can’t bring great deals to the table and if you can’t do that, you can’t make money.

If you’re tired of trying to piece together what you have to know and do to actually make deals happen, join me on online on January 30th for a detailed, step-by-step workshop that tells the TRUTH about how to make money wholesaling in today’s market.

Just look at all you’ll learn:

  • How the 2021 market will be different than last year
  • The key skills you’ll need to have to make money in today’s real estate market
  • Which sellers will sell to you for pennies on the dollar, and WHY they do it
  • How to know, for sure, every time, exactly what to offer your seller
  • How to find cash buyers for your deals FAST
  • How to wholesale bank owned properties, short sales, and other “non-assignable” contracts
  • How to get paid your full fee BEFORE the closing
  • What it takes to build a real wholesaling business, where other people do most of the work
  • The top 3 reasons most people who “try to wholesale” never actually make a single dollar doing it, and how you can beat the odds, guaranteed
  • How to avoid legal problems when you wholesale
  • PLUS, once you understand the steps, we’ll do a hands-on walkthrough of a real deal so you can put your new knowledge into action!

Your guide through this process is Vena Jones-Cox, a nationally-respected wholesaling expert who’s done over 1,000 deals in hot markets and cold, and taught thousands of other new wholesalers how to get past the painful, frustrating “I really want this, but I don’t know what to do and I’m not making any money” stage of beginnerhood.

If you’re looking for a real-life, experience-based, warts-and-all look at what you’ll really need to do to make big money wholesaling in the ever-changing market, you need to be at this workshop.

Yes, recording will be available for all registered attendees after the event!

All this for just $97; and to make it even more tempting:

Register by January 27th and get these bonuses:

  • The 40 page step-by-step Quickstart Guide, a $129 value, that walks you through all the do’s and don’ts of the entire wholesale process
  • The “Best Ways to Find Wholesale Deals” audio, a $59 value, that shares the best on- and off-market sources to find the deals you need

Like every workshop I do, this one has a 100% moneyback guarantee: attend, and if you’re not convinced that it was the most honest, complete, actionable information you’ve ever gotten in a day of wholesaling training, just ask for your tuition back, and I’ll cheerfully refund it!


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