The Creative Finance Summit

The Creative Finance Summit
April 26th-28th 2024 in Columbus, Ohio

        There are endless ways to buy, sell, and get funding for real estate WITHOUT banks, qualifying, and long, arduous application processes.

        And for every creative strategy, there are dozens of ways to find the people you need, talk to them, structure the numbers, and close.

        The Creative Finance Summit brings together experienced creative buyers, sellers, lenders and borrowers for 3 days of networking, education, and relationship building.

        You’ll hear from a dozen real-life creative deal makers about how THEY:

  • Buy properties subject to the existing loan
  • Get owners to carry financing
  • Get cash flow WITHOUT ownership using master leases
  • Help owners who don’t want to sell (and capture HUGE appreciation) using long-term options
  • Raise private money at below-market rates
  • Lend private money with crazy-high returns using wrap loans and equity-sharing loans
  • Wholesale properties and still get continued income
  • Do creative deals in tax-free accounts
  • Find creative deals
  • Talk to sellers to root out the ‘real problem’ and explain how they can creatively solve it
  • Wholesale ‘subject to’ deals legally and ethically
  • Deal with the Dodd-Frank law
  • Sell deals creatively—then, if you want, sell the financing you created to get cash

        AND build relationships with 400 creative investors from all over the U.S.

Meet Your Faculty

Marco Bario
Experienced note buyer and seller

Alan Chantker
Creative wholesaler

Dave Corsi
Multi-decade creative buyer and seller, “Equity Sharing Partnership” fan

Bob Dressman
Creative private lender, buyer, and seller
Pete Fortunato
Literally the most creative deal structurer alive today
Courtney Fricke
Creative buyer and seller with expertise in finding creative deals through real estate agents
Maria Giordano
Owner financing and subject to specialist

Chad Harris
Renovator and rental owner who raises private medium-term private money at 8% interest or less

Lindsey Jensen
Master lease/option and property management practitioner

Anita Johnson
“The Queen of Wraps”

Vena Jones-Cox
Obsessed creative buyer, seller, lender, and borrower for over 3 decades
Andy Teasley
Creative mobile home and note king

Your Investment: $797 for 1, $1,297 for 2 After 1/15/2024
Audio Recordings of All Sessions Included