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Could “Repair for Equity” be Part of the Solution to the “Affordable Housing Crisis”?

Lawmakers all over the U.S. are tearing their hair out over the lack of affordable housing, and trying desperately (generally through lots of restrictions of property rights and lots of taxes that lead to a lot fewer new units than the private market could have built) to make housing more affordable for both renters and

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Wholefailing: The Top 3 Reasons For “Failure to Launch”

            Go to any real estate association anywhere in the country, and you’ll meet endless excited folks who are sure that their futures—and fortunes—lie in wholesaling houses. Go back 6 months later, and you’ll find that 90% of those folks have never successfully closed a deal. In most cases, this isn’t due to “inactivity” or

Advice for wholesaling “package deals”

It seems like every new Wholesale School student immediately stumbles upon a landlord who wants to sell ALL of his properties, then wants to know how to tackle a package of 4, or 9, or 37 single family homes all at once. And they’re already rented, and the don’t need any work, and the new

In Praise of the Dog-and-Pony Show

If you’ve been around the real estate education world awhile, you may have noticed that live trainings come in several very different flavors. There’s the “seminar” or “workshop”, which is usually 1-2 days with a single speaker on a single topic, and ranges in price from around $200-$1200. There’s the “bootcamp”, which includes 4-6 days

Why Savvy People Choose Rentals By Steven VanCauwenbergh

Steven VanCauwenbergh is a landlording Phenom…at 45, he owns over 250 units, which he runs hands-off with a combination of people and technology. He’s presenting an all-day workshop at the 2019 OREIA National Real Estate Summit on exactly how you can do the same. It’s October 31st, and it’s included with your (cheap) registration fee.