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Top 5 Profit-Killing Wholesaling Mistakes by Vena Jones-Cox

Editor’s Note: If you’re learning about wholesaling, there’s a webinar you’ll want to attend on May 1st at 9 p.m. eastern called “How to Find and Process Wholesale Leads”. It’s free; register at Ahhhh, wholesaling…so deceptively simple that everyone

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Guest Blogger Kathy Kennebrook: Creating that Work-Life Balance so You Can Play Hard, Too.

Kathy Kennebrook, aka “The Marketing Magic Lady” is a 15 year veteran of the real estate market. Best known for her effective methods of getting seller leads, she also writes about lifestyle issues for real estate investors. She’s one of

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Guest Blogger Robyn Thompson: How to Build Your Dream Team of Contractors

In my business of rehabbing and reselling house, it’s impossible to make any money without the right contractors: those who get the job done on time, on budget, and right. Novice retailers usually don’t have such people at their fingertips,

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What Are You Waiting For? Get Started, Already…

Just this morning, I was having yet another conversation with a fellow educator about the frustration we have with students who have the brains, education, and resources to make deals—but who, month after month, do everything BUT make deals. We

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How to Enjoy the Real Estate Game

As you can imagine, I meet a LOT of real estate entrepreneurs every year. And something that I’ve noticed about many of you, including newbies and old pros, is an energy you give off that I can only describe as

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