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Your Network is Your Net Worth

Ask any really successful real estate entrepreneur what resource has made them the most money, and if they’re answering truthfully, they’re going to say, “The people I’ve met.” In fact, if you’re not making it a priority to spend time

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Why You Need to Know Notes

After this past weekend’s No Excuses Retirement Wealth Summit (an event you REALLY should have attended…ask anyone…) I got to thinking about the fact that there were, in my estimation, 5 multi-millionaires in that room, and they all had one

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Guest Blogger Quincy Long: Ten Things You Need to Know About Self-Directed IRAs

Editor’s note: Listen, folks, if you don’t yet have a self-directed IRA or you have one but haven’t grown it enough to really support you in your old age, I’m BEGGING you to make the time to get to the

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Guest Blogger Alan Cowgill: Why Private Money Rocks

Alan Cowgill is a 20 year veteran of the real estate investing business and perhaps the most widely known expert in the U.S. on the topic of raising private money. He’s also one of 13 featured speakers at this years

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Guest Blogger David Tilney: Are You Hiring the Right Tenants?

I have a friend in Colorado Springs who owns a bank. Several years ago I complimented him on his employee retention. My banker and I both understand that his most important assets walk out of his bank each night to

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