The OTHER Way to Make Money with Ugly Houses

(Without fixing, managing, maintaining, or stressing over them)
(While getting crazy-high returns, monthly paychecks, AND doing good in your community)

One-time live (online) class, June 27th 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

           Have you heard of “Repair for Equity” deals?

           Geez, I hope so, because they’re:

  • More profitable than wholesale deals
  • A LOT easier than retail deals
  • Give you a higher return than rentals, with a whole lot less management, expense, and drama
  • HIGHLY in demand, hard for your customers, who want them, to find, and make you feel good about changing people’s entire financial futures for the better, while at the same time collecting ‘mailbox money’
  • And if you do them right, they’re money-makers even when they “go wrong” (and can you say that about YOUR exit strategy?)

Here’s the 20,000 foot view of how Repair for Equity works:

  1. You get hold of a property that’s ‘ugly but livable’. You can pay cash for it, or get a partner, or a private loan, or seller financing. Doesn’t matter, as long as you have the title.
  1. You advertise that you’ll sell it, on payments, to someone who’s qualified to make the improvements, at a price that’s a lot more than what you paid for it, but a lot less than it’s worth fixed up.
  1. Hundreds of people contact you because they want it (no, I’m not exaggerating—my last repair for equity deal generated over 110 phone calls from 4 bandit signs and 1 craigslist ad).
  1. You pick the best, most qualified buyer
  1. You sign some documents (which ones depend on where you live and some other factors, but they all basically say to the buyer, “You’re fixing it, and you’re gonna own it if you make all your payments).
  1. You sit back and collect passive returns that are so high I’m afraid to mention them because you won’t believe them until I prove them to you (Ok, fine, they’re 25% to infinity) for, oh, 7-20 years.
  1. Your buyer—who would otherwise be wasting money on rent—builds equity by doing the work, paying down the balance, and getting the benefit of appreciation, thus changing his or her family’s life

At This Point, You Should Have Some Questions:


  • What, exactly, is “Ugly But Livable”, and how will I know when I’ve found the right property?
  • What should I PAY for that property?
  • How do I decide what the terms of the sale are? What’s the right balance between getting the most I can and creating a deal that attracts the right applicants fast, and is a good deal for them?
  • Advertise it HOW? Where? What should the ads look like?
  • How in the world am I going to handle hundreds of calls from potential buyers without going nuts?
  • What’s “qualified” when it comes to these buyers?
  • What ARE the documents? What’s in them? Do they have to be recorded, or not?
  • What happens if they DON’T fix the property?
  • What if they move out, or stop making payments?
  • What about Dodd-Frank? Don’t I have to ‘comply’ with that? How do I do that?

Yep, all good questions—and I’m going to answer them all on June 27th in my first (and last) ever Real Estate Goddess’s Guide to Making Big Money (and a Big Difference) with Repair for Equity deals.

I’ve Done HUNDREDS of These Deals
(and Made at Least $1 Million at it)
So I Know When, Where, and How They Work…

            And my very first one was when I was a baby investor, with zero experience and zero money and zero credit, so don’t tell me they’re too hard for YOU to do.

            In the (gasp) 3 decades I’ve been selling Repair for Equity deals, I’ve learned:

  • That the more ‘iffy’ the economy looks, the more popular they are (and, as a bonus, the easier the deals are to acquire in the first place)
  • Every. Single. Thing. That can go wrong—and that most of those things are completely avoidable if you set the deal up right to start with
  • That the exact condition of house, and the neighborhood it’s in, are crucially important in the success of the deal
  • That big checks from wholesaling and retailing are nice, but that little, less-taxed checks for years on end from the same property even nicer
  • That there are certain details I’ve NEVER heard anyone talk about in discussing these deals—like setting up your advertising and phone system to funnel down the hundreds of calls to the dozens of qualified applicants in a way where you’re not on the phone all day every day, and like not putting the wrong people into your properties, and like making doubly sure that your buyers completely understand, and put IN WRITING that they completely understand the deal before you turn over the keys—that make everything about doing them easier, and more likely to succeed in the long run
  • That if I decide I’m sick of payments and want cash instead, it’s super-easy to sell the deal I created to another investor, cash out, and move on

I suspect that I’ve done more of these deals successfully than any other investor on the planet.

And now, I’m ready to share everything I know about them, so that you can add them to YOUR strategy toolbox, too.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Attend
Real Estate Goddess’s Guide to Making Big Money (and a Big Difference)
with Repair for Equity deals
Online On June 27th:

  1. Exhaustively detailed instruction on:
    • What to buy
    • Where to buy it
    • What to pay for it
    • What to CHARGE for it
    • How to advertise it
    • How to qualify applicants
    • What paperwork to use
  2. And if you know me, you know I tell you how to avoid the pitfalls, too, so we’ll talk about:
    • How deals go wrong, and what to do about it
    • How to comply with Dodd-Frank and other applicable rules and laws
    • How to avoid ever having to do an expensive, heart-rending foreclosure on a buyer
  3. Plus, you’ll get ALL the forms and documents you need, including:
    • The exact ad and bandit sign wording I use to generate all those calls
    • The exact script I use with potential buyers to minimize wasted time and get deals sold fast
    • The application that all buyers must fill out
    • The “buyer qualification criteria” I use to OBJECTIVELY pick the right person
    • The disclosure that all buyers must sign to prove that they really understand what they’re agreeing to
    • The contracts I use to seal the deal—there are 3 of them, and which you’ll use depends on where you live and some other things that I’ll explain in the class

If You Knew This Strategy, You’d Be Making More Money RIGHT NOW.
(It’s Cheap, and If You Don’t Love It, You’ll Get Your Money Back Anyway)

            Look, ONE typical Repair for Equity Deal pays me $500-$2,000 up front, and $350-$500 NET every month for a decade or more.

            So paying $697 to learn all about it, AND get all the forms and documents that it’s taken me 30 years to perfect, shouldn’t be a big barrier to you.

            (If there’s a blessing in this whole pandemic thing, it’s that not having to rent hotel rooms and buy you coffee makes it a lot cheaper for me to DELIVER classes, and a lot cheaper for you to TAKE them)

            When you’re done with this class, you will have all the knowledge and tools you need implement this incredibly powerful exit strategy…

            And if you don’t agree, I’ll refund 100% of your investment.

Here’s Why I’m Limiting the Size of This Class
(and a bonus for signing up NOW)

            I’ve done a lot of this longer, online classes in the past few months, and I’ve discovered something: in answer all the questions you’ll likely have, but also not overrun the allotted time by hours, we HAVE to limit the class size.

            So I’m going to skim off the folks who are MOST serious and MOST recognize the value of this strategy—both to your bank account and to your COMMUNITY—and get you to sign up first. Here’s how:

Sign Up Now, and Get $200 off. The first 50 people who register get to pay just $497*, which as I write it down seems crazy for all this information, but there it is.

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Yes, It Will Be Recorded.
Yes, You’ll Have Access to the Recordings Forever.
Yes, It Comes with a Compete, Detailed Manual

            You can expect all the no B.S., no-hype, honest, detailed training that I always provide…and I’m speaking from experience when I say that knowing this strategy will

Let you do more of the deals that you’re already seeing

Put a metric boatload of money in your bank account

Create returns that NO other strategy does

Make you feel good about giving the people who normally CAN’T be homeowners in your community the chance to build equity and wealth for their families

            So, whaddya waitin’ for? Grab your seat today!