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How to Get Rich in Tri-State Real Estate Book Download

   If you’re serious about buying rentals, flipping houses, earning quick cash or building long-term wealth (or all of the above!), familiarizing yourself with the lessons in this book are a great first step to a real, no-B.S. education and an ethical, profitable career in real estate.

I’m Vena Jones-Cox, author of this book and host of Public Radio’s Real Life Real Estate Investing. I’m also a 25+ year veteran of the Southeast Ohio/Southwest Indiana/Northern Kentucky real estate market, and this book was written for new investors from my perspective as someone who’s done over 1,000 deals and trained tens of thousands of people nationwide.

There are right ways and wrong ways to get started investing in real estate, and this book outlines the most effective, inexpensive, fastest ways to get started.  It shows you  what you REALLY need to know and do to get started, including:

  • Why having a local community of colleagues is crucial to your success
  • How to pick the right exit strategy FOR YOU–and why that choice is the most important one you’ll make
  • Why off-market deals are the only way to go right now, and why it is that sellers will sell to you at low prices or with terms
  • How to get money to buy properties when you can’t–or don’t want to–go to the bank for cash
  • When you need to worry about asset protection, and how to get it for under $1000
  • When and how to involve friends and family in your business (they’re not always as supportive as you’d like them to be, but you can’t let them get in your way…)
  • And lots more

Enjoy the book, learn from it, and most importantly, take me up on my invitation to attend a meeting of the non-profit Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati as my guest. Becoming part of that community is your next best step to real estate success!



P.S. If you can’t download the book right now, don’t worry; I’ll also send you an email with a link to download it.