Passive Investing

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Passive Investment Webinar Series[/headline]

#1: Intro to Passive Real Estate Investing
We’ll discuss what true “passive” investing is, the 5 kinds of passive investments available in real estate, why even active real estate entrepreneurs make passive investments, why so many people get ripped off in passive investments, what you’ll need to know and have to make successful passive investments, and more.

#2 Turnkey rentals: How to choose, evaluate, and buy them
Turnkey rentals can be an ideal passive investment, or they can be a money-sucking nightmare. And there are many kinds of turnkey investments available, from high-cash flow, low-end properties to lower-cash flow, higher-appreciating deals. We’ll talk about how to choose the right turnkey rental for your goals, and most importantly, how to evaluate the REAL numbers and management BEFORE you buy.

#3: Private loans and partnerships
“Private lending” is something you’ll be approached about constantly as a passive investor—it’s the #1 way that active real estate entrepreneurs are financing deals in a market where conventional loans are hard to come by. In this webinar, we’ll show you 2 options for “being the lender”—originative private loans and buying existing, performing paper—how to be an educated lender, including how to evaluate the deal, the borrower, and the paperwork that protects you. You’ll learn the 5 things you absolutely MUST have in place before you invest one dime of your money in someone else’s deal.

#4: Private placements, Funds, and REITs
There are thousands of private companies throughout the U.S. raising money from passive investors to invest money in everything from shopping malls to packages of defaulted notes to single family homes to mobile home parks. But should you invest in one? That depends on what you know about the fund sponsors, the strength of the business plan, the investments themselves, and whether the owners of the fund have done what THEY legally need to do to even take your money! Learn all about the pros and cons of fund investments in this webclass.

BONUS WEBINAR requested by attendees:
How to Invest Your Retirement Plan in High-Yielding, Passive Real Estate Investments

You asked for it, you got it: John Bowen of Equity Trust Company explains what TRUE self-directed IRAs and retirement plans can invest in. From rentals to notes to tax liens to fund investments, he’ll explain how and why these investments work in your IRA, what true “self direction” is, how to start a self-directed IRA or roll over your current IRA or 401K, plus your questions.