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    Rehab Right for Retail or Rental


    You’re NOT a Rehabber, are you?  Are You Sure?

    The fact is; All of us who ever touch a property are rehabbers.  Sure, you may think of what you do as spit-and-polish, fluffing, or sprucing up.  And, yes, some of us still do take that dirty, smelly, run down shell of a house and completely redevelop the home.  Either way, they are still a rehab projects.

    This 150 page nuts-n-bolts Rehabbing Right for Retail or Rental© Home Study Course walks you, step by step, through how to decide what you need to do for each type of rehab, and for each of your target buyers.


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  • Jerry Fink Courses

    The Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Quickbooks


    Save stress, time, and tax prep costs by getting your Quickbooks set up right with Jerry Fink.  Jerry is a Certified Public Accountant (non-practicing) with over 30 years of corporate accounting experience, and a Seasoned Real Estate Investor, with over 200 rehabs under his belt…a stable of single family rentals…and a 120 unit apartment complex.  QuickBooks is the software of…

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