Rehab Right for Retail or Rental


You’re NOT a Rehabber, are you?  Are You Sure?

The fact is; All of us who ever touch a property are rehabbers.  Sure, you may think of what you do as spit-and-polish, fluffing, or sprucing up.  And, yes, some of us still do take that dirty, smelly, run down shell of a house and completely redevelop the home.  Either way, they are still a rehab projects.

This 150 page nuts-n-bolts Rehabbing Right for Retail or Rental© Home Study Course walks you, step by step, through how to decide what you need to do for each type of rehab, and for each of your target buyers.


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Here is just a sampling of what is covered in the Course:

  • Understanding Your Buyer
  • Buying “Right”
  • Financing Your Rehab Projects
  • The Rehab Process
  • Selling Your Property to a Rehabber
  • Marketing Your Home to a HomeOwner
  • Selling Your Property to a Landlord
  • Refinancing and Renting to Tenants
  • Managing the Business

Renovate Right© Software
This software is included with the Rehabbing Right for Retail or Rental© Online Course

Jerry has taken the guesswork out of planning that rehab project.  Simply do the detailed walkthrough laid out in the guide and enter the results into the software.  The system automatically creates Purchase Orders for Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, Sherwin Williams and your other suppliers, based on the decisions Jerry has already made for every duplex outlet, lighting fixture, and paint color scheme.

After YEARS of shopping and trial and error of what materials are correct for a particular application…and days and weeks and thousands of miles between carpet stores and outlets to find the right carpet at the right price…and after becoming TOTALLY FRUSTRATED with contractors taking forever on the shopping trips — and then coming back with the wrong stuff — Jerry decided to do something about it.

He compiled a 32 page home inspection checklist which walks you through every room of the house, having you decide what needs to be done.  He documented each and every SKU, every price, and every supplier he uses for his rehabs.  And he built software to collate all the requirements into Purchase Orders for each supplier.

Imagine if your contractor did not go to Home Depot.  You have faxed the Purchase Order to Home Depot.  Home Depot personnel spent the time picking and packing your order.  Home Depot personnel DELIVER the materials to the worksite.  Meanwhile, your contractors did not spend time driving back and forth, back and forth…they did not spend time shopping…or deciding what materials they wanted to use…  Instead, they were WORKING on your job.  How much is that worth?!?!?!?

A 20 page User’s Manual comes with the software, and shows you how to use the software, how to update it for changes, and how to modify it to your own preferences.

This software alone will pay for the Rehab Right package over and over!!!