Next-Level Wholesaling (How to Find More Deals, Do More Deals, and Build a 6-Figure Real Estate Business) with Vena Jones-Cox


Complete Wholesale Business Package


The Complete Wholesale Package is the definitive online course about how to wholesale properly, profitably, consistently, and ethically.

Try it, and your life will never be the sameā€¦ it includes:

  • Wholesale school: An online web class that will break down the process of wholesaling a house into bite-sized chunks, with homework to send you out to get the experience you need to actually learn (and, more importantly, profit from) wholesaling.
  • How to build a wholesaling business: Learn what it really takes to build a wholesale business that operates more smoothly and profitably with none – or at least LESS – of your effort, and frees up your time to work ON your business, not IN it.
  • Free 3 month Inner Circle membership


Marketing Kit + Advanced Marketing

The complete marketing course includes:

  • Advanced Marketing Guide for Real Estate Entrepreneurs: You will learn why marketing makes you more money than anything. How to get reach more prospects by effectively implementing your marketing.
  • The Complete Marketing Kit: How to get into the marketing mindset using the intricacies of: postcards, social media email marketing and more. Includes samples for your viewing and redesign and audio files
  • Free 3 month Inner Circle membership