Big Changes Coming to Inner Circle/Express Success

So I’ve been thinking.

It’s what I do at this time of year: think about the prior year (which, incidentally, went REALLY fast…did anyone else notice that?) and whether what I’m doing in all facets of my business is really supporting my vision.

If you’ve ever tried to do this kind of introspection (that is, looking at things you’re already doing, especially things you’re doing habitually), you know it’s kind of tough to do.

In fact, there are built-in human biases that work against you when you try to look afresh at projects, habits, tasks, beliefs, and so on from the perspective of, “Are they serving me? Are they serving their purpose? Should they be done at all?” It’s much harder than the usual evaluation we make about business issues, which is more along the lines of, “Is there some way to make this thing I’m already doing BETTER, or do MORE of it, or make it MORE profitable”.

Luckily (which is to say, intentionally), I have the benefit of a couple of mastermind groups to help me dial in on my vision a few times a year. As a result of all the “help” (which is to say, ass-kicking) that I get from my colleagues about only doing things that match my vision, I’m very aware that a big component of my vision for my life is something along the lines of:

“Help the maximum number of people achieve financial stability, independence, and, ultimately, wealth through ownership and control of real property, while at the same time fighting for the reputation of the real estate industry and for the rights of its practitioners to do business in ethical ways as controlled by the market, not by regulators seeking to control and tax the behavior of citizens to serve the purposes of the government. Do this by creating and disseminating honest, understandable, implementable content that reflects the realities of real estate investing and entrepreneurship, countering the tidal wave of high-hype, high-cost, low-content ‘education’ available in to marketplace. Work only with customer/students who understand the value of education at all levels, who know that results always require work, and who are as concerned about the effects that their actions in providing housing have on buyers, sellers, tenants, and communities as they are about creating massive wealth and income for themselves and their families.”

So what does this have to do with Inner Circle/Express Success?

As I’ve been thinking about whether my various educational offerings really met the goals of my vision, the set-up of the Inner Circle education kept tugging at me like a fishhook in the brain.

Could it be MORE usable? MORE accessible? MORE helpful to newer investors looking to build basic skills like deal-finding, inspection, appraisal, estimation, negotiation, and so on? MORE aligned with the idea of getting people ready to make smart investments safely (as opposed to getting them ready to be a particular kind of investor, like a wholesaler or landlord or note buyer).

Now, on a side note: Inner Circle has been around for over a decade. It’s evolved over time to include additional benefits and to drop some that no one was using, but one thing that’s been pretty consistent the entire time has been the idea of weekly-ish articles, and weekly, mostly live webinars with the basic skills necessary for the typical real estate entrepreneur to navigate the world of deal-making.

I’ve put a LOT of work into creating all this content. I have thousands of pages of written articles and hundreds of hours of recorded content that will, ultimately, be scrapped with these new changes. I mention this only as evidence of how convinced I am that the new system is drastically superior to what we’ve been doing so far…and I hope you agree.

What’s Changing, and What’s Staying the Same

My goal with the revised program is to give you access to the information you need to education yourself, when you need it. It’s to do what I reasonably can to make sure that you have the basics you need to venture out into the real estate world armed with hard-core tactics, advice, and warnings. To that end

  1. Your ability to log in to and ask questions about specific deals and issues that you’re having will not change.
  1. Your 10% discount on my seminars and events will not change.
  1. The Wednesday night webinars will be discontinued beginning next week. Per your comments, the release of the basic skills information live over the course of 6 months has actually been a barrier between you and your ability to get the information you need when you need it. What you want—and what I think would be more useful to you—is indexed, broken down to its component parts, on-demand video that you can watch (or skip) as needed.

By next week, all of the webinars from the last 6 months—which is all of them, since they recycle every 6 months—will be uploaded to the membership section of where you can watch them all at once, as needed, or not at all.

  1. REPLACING the regular Wednesday night webinars will be 2 things:
    1. Each week for at least the next 6 months, I’ll be releasing new, more bite-sized video content that will, ultimately, expand on and replace the archived Wednesday webinars. For instance, in place of the current 75 minute ‘What’s it Worth” webinar, you’ll find a series of 5-15 minute videos about appraising properties that you can watch sequentially OR skip around in, depending on what you feel you need to know. These shorter videos will have topics like:
      • The purpose of your ‘appraisal’ and why
      • The difference between the appraisal and the offer
      • Sources of comparable sales
      • How to turn comps into actual value
      • What to do when you still can’t find the value of a property
      • The difference between evaluating a single family and evaluating a multifamily property
    2. A monthly group coaching call on the 3rd Wednesday of the month where I’ll share an additional tip, strategy, deal analysis, or something happening in the market AND answer questions live. These calls will be recorded and posted to the membership site as well
  1. The weekly email—you know, this one—will be modified as well. You’ll be notified of any newly-released Inner Circle information, offers, upcoming events, and so on, but won’t be subjected to my lengthy articles. You’ll still have access to them via the blog at if you’re interested, though.

The cost of all this new information? For you, the same as it’s always been. As long as your Inner Circle or Express Success membership doesn’t lapse, you won’t pay any more. For new members, starting January 1st, the up front price will increase by $500 and the monthly fee will also go up.

What I want from you is feedback—on the new system, on the new content as it becomes available, on the program vs. other programs you’ve seen or participated in.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals as a business person, property owner, and human being. Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2018!



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