IC Elesson: And now for something completely different…important changes to the Inner Circle program, please read!

You’d probably be surprised at the amount of time and energy my staff and I put into figuring out how to make Inner Circle and Express Success as useful to you as possible.

And by “useful”, I mean pack it with as many benefits that allow you to make use of it as you start or grow your real estate investing business as we reasonably can, given that it’s a $39.97 a month program.

We’ve been talking lately about how the weekly articles impact you as a member. We’ve been hearing a lot from members about how they love the articles—WHEN they get time to read them. And I, personally, have been contemplating my responsibility to convey to you not just what you WANT to know, but also what you NEED to know.

What’s the difference, you ask?

Well, what you WANT to know is tactics, like “How do I find more deals? How do I talk to sellers? How do I get creative financing?”. What you NEED to know is strategy, like how to work ON your business, as as well as IN your business, and how to plan out your activities, and how to stay out of trouble.

So, in an attempt to stop overwhelming you with thousands of words a month that you don’t have time to process anyway, I’m changing up what’s going to be in this e-lesson each week. Instead of a weekly article, you’ll get these items each month.

  1. One week, a system or form that will help you run your BUSINESS better, along with an explanation of how and when to use it, probably via video link
  2. One week, a student success story where I interview a member about a deal they did from beginning to end, along with all the details you’d want to know about how they found it, negotiated it, financed it, and so on (more on this in a minute, since I’ll need your help with it)
  3. And the other weeks, the detailed article you’ve been used to.

Of course, we’ll continue to communicate via the Wednesday night webinars and the question and answer panel on the membership site, but I hope to make this program more useful, mind-expanding, and, most important, usable for you via these changes.

Now, let’s talk about how you can help and get rewarded for helping: by participating in the “Student deal of the month” interview.

I’d like to use this feature to both inspire other Inner Circle members AND educate them about how members all over the U.S. are actually doing deals of ALL kinds. If you’ve completed a deal, you should seriously consider contacting Sara@RealLifeRealEstate.com and volunteering to talk about your deal, and here’s why:

  • Even if you don’t think your deal was ‘special’ or incredibly highly profitable, sharing it will help someone else get off the bench and go do something, so it’s a great way to get some good karma and pay it forward
  • I’m going to make it easy for you; you don’t have to “prepare” anything at all other than maybe some pictures or scans of closing statements. I’ll simply call and interview about your deal, then have the interview turned into an article.
  • There’s something else in it for you, too: everyone who participates gets a free 12 month extension on their inner circle membership. That’s like a $470 gift just for participating.

Our first member spotlight will be week after next, so who’s going to step up? Again, your deal can be of any kind, it can have made any amount of profit—it’s all educational for your fellow members. Contact Sara@RealLifeRealEstate.com to set up your interview and get your free years’ membership in the inner circle!

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