IC elesson: Call to action: please help me help you

The whole purpose of the inner circle is to give you the thing that REIA meetings, home study courses, and bootcamps can’t give you: individual help with specific issues that are stopping YOU from making that first deal, or building that big business, or whatever it is you want.

But in order for you to get the value I want you to have, two things have to happen:

  1. You have to USE THE SERVICE. In case you missed it in all the excitement of signing up, you access the one-on-one coaching by logging in to https://regoddess.com/member-login/ . You were provided with a unique user name and a password when you signed up for the program; if you’ve misplaced that, you can email Sara@therealestategoddess.com for a new one.

Using the Q&A function, you can see what others have asked and ask your own important questions, whether they be related to a specific deal, a general strategy, or even a personal issue.

If you don’t use it, I can’t possibly know what I can do to help you, personally, reach your real estate goals

  1. I know that some “need to knows” are bigger than a question; for instance, if you don’t know how to ‘comp’ properties, you’re at a serious disadvantage in the offer-making process, to say the least.

So I’m thinking of doing some longer, more involved online classes about practical topics like how I process leads, how to hire a VA, how to screen tenants—things that take more than a 1 hour IC webinar or even a 90 minute REIA meeting to cover.

These classes will be live streamed but online, so that you can be in the comfort of your own home and watch. They’ll typically include any paperwork you need, and they’ll be 2-3 hours long.

My thought at this point is that the general public will pay $99 each for these workshops, but that inner circle members will pay half or less—but here’s a way to get some for FREE:

Just tell me what skills you lack that are keeping you from doing deals that you’re not finding covered in association meetings, or in seminars, or even in inner circle. Tell me what you need by emailing InnerCircle@theRealEstateGoddess.com, and when you do, I’ll give you a free pass to the class of your choice even if your requests aren’t chosen.

I’ll also use your feedback for future inner circle eletters and webinars, so don’t be shy—tell me exactly how I can help you.

4 Comments on “IC elesson: Call to action: please help me help you

  1. Processing leads has taken me down so many rabbit trails. I need a laser focus. Your marketing strategies are going to assist me in putting the emphasis on the right things. I have been driving for dollars, looked at FSBOs, contacted agents for tours of distressed properties, scoured the MLS (which is worthless in the sellers market) looked at preforclosure lists and tried to find absentee owners of vacant property in the county records. I have not made one deal.
    Also, FSBO properties are usually fixed up and ready to sell, but if there are some worth contacting what should be the criteria and how do you find it out without spinning more wheels?

    • Holly–
      CONTACTING fsbos is the work of a moment; you can find out very very quickly that the property is fixed up and thus not a wholesale prospect. You’d spend more time trying to “filter”those ads than you will just calling and asking what the story might be.

  2. Good morning Vena,
    My biggest obstacle is myself… I am struggling with direction, I am going in 10 direction and can’t seem to put my finger on where to begin.

    How do I get my foundation in place so I can proceed productively? I often feel like I am doing a lot, yet I am not product.

    I am also struggling with what to do first… Passion without direction!!

    Thank you,

  3. Hello Vena,

    I would appreciate a demo on how to make a Jing video,(using the free version) to instruct a VA.

    I will also add, how to prioritize marketing lists.Is this dependent on your local market,whether you create de novo,or buy from list brokers.
    What would you recommend for a hot sellers market with inflated prices?


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