Just Can’t Get Started? This Will Help…

I see it every day: budding entrepreneurs who have the EDUCATION to get going and (at least say they have) the MOTIVATION to get going, but don’t actually do anything today, or tomorrow, or the next day that’s likely to GET them going. It’s a brainlock that we ALL get about certain things at certain time, and it’s about the fact that creating an entire real estate business from scratch is just too overwhelming to deal with.

I ran across this article that I want you to read if I just described YOU…I think if you’ll follow the advice here, you can get over that hump and on to the job of getting successful, one day at at time.

It’s called “How to Actually Execute Your To-Do List, or Why Writing it Down Doesn’t Actually Get it Done”.


What do you think? How do you motivate yourself to do things that are boring/difficult/overwhelming/unpleasant?

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