Ohio Landlords: Take a Moment to Protect Your Rights…

If you own rentals in Ohio, or plan to, you need to take moment and find out about a proposed law that will force you to let certain tenants out of a lease without paying.

If this proposal becomes law, any tenant would be able to terminate their lease simply by showing that they planned to enter residential drug rehab.

The full proposal is at www.OREIA.com; the Ohio Real Estate Investor’s Association objects to this proposal because:

  1. It creates a special class of rights for very specific tenants that allows them to circumvent their responsibilities under tenant/landlord law
  2. It unfairly shifts part of the financial responsibility for a tenant’s drug addiction from the backs of the individual and their family to the backs of the property owner and his family.
  3. It’s another unnecessary restriction on the rights of rental property owners to make their own decisions regarding how they run their businesses and deal with breaches of contract by residents

Please send any comments to OREIA’s legislative coordinator, Dan Action, ActonCompany@aol.com, who will pass them on to the state legislature in an attempt to keep this proposal from becoming law.

Thanks for your efforts on behalf of all Ohio landlords!

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