Subject To – Webinar

How to (Profitably, Correctly, Ethically) Buy Properties “Subject To” the Existing Loan

Your Complete Guide to Finding, Negotiating, and Closing “Sub To” Deals Saturday, February 3rd 9 am -1 pm Eastern Time On the Web
$297 per person

How would your life be different if you could buy real estate with zero qualifying, little or no money down, with long-term, fixed rate financing that gave you the chance to hold properties for rental, or lease/option them, or otherwise build long-term wealth and income?

I’ve done exactly that dozens of times in the past 25 years, through a strategy called buying subject to the seller’s existing loan. I’ve taken over payments on fixed rate mortgages with rates as low as 3.75%. I’ve gotten no-qualifying financing properties ranging from junkers to move up houses to a 13- unit apartment building.

And I’ve learned a lot of lessons about how to do it right, and a lot of lessons about what can go wrong, and now I kinda feel like I’m enough of an expert on the topic to teach YOU exactly how to make your way through this wealth-building financing strategy safely, profitably, and ethically.

On Saturday, February 3rd from 9 am-1 pm eastern, I’m holding a live (as in I’ll really be there in real time teaching and, importantly, answering your questions) online (meaning you’ll be at home watching me) class, where I’ll share:

  • What a subject to deal is, and how to get one from the first call with the seller to closing
  • What kinds of sellers are willing to sell to you subject to their loan, and how to find them
  • What to say to sellers to convince them to work with you (Hint: it’s not “Hey, can I take over your loan??)
  • Which sellers you should NEVER buy from subject to—you can literally ruin their lives if you’re not careful
  • Which kinds of loans you should never buy subject to
  • How to figure out what you can pay for a property when the seller lets you take over his loan—it’s a different, more complex calculation than when you’re paying cash
  • Why the Due on Sale clause isn’t that big a concern
  • Why you should be VERY careful about buying subject to from sellers who are in financial distress
  • How to protect your seller from YOUR default: this technique alone will convince more sellers to do subject to deals with you, and I guarantee you don’t already know it
  • Why you need to provide written disclosures to your sellers about what’s happening, and the very bad thing that happens a LOT if you don’t
  • How to write a subject to offer
  • How to insure properties you buy subject to. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about this, and if you’re not insured right, you can literally lose hundreds of thousands o dollars
  • What documentation you need at the closing to protect yourself AFTER the closing
  • All the things that ever go wrong with deals and how to avoid them
  • Examples of profitable exit strategies that you can implement once you get your deal

What’s more, this live online includes:

  • A complete manual explaining everything about subject to deals
  • All of the forms and contracts you’ll need to successfully implement this finance strategy, including:
    • Purchase agreement with sub to language
    • Seller interview form
    • “How much can I pay” worksheet
    • Detailed disclosure to the seller (this alone is worth the entire cost of the class)
    • The 4 other forms you must have at the closing
  • Complete videos of the class

I Could Say a Dozen More Things
About All the Reasons
You Should Sign Up for This Class Right Now,
but Just Let Me Say This:

  1. It’s so complete that you’ll be able to do subject to deals when you’re finished with it
  2. If I’m wrong, you can ask for your money back anytime during the 14 days after the live event, and I’ll give it to you no questions asked
  3. For heaven’s sake, it’s $297.

I’m even guaranteeing your satisfaction:

If by the end of this detailed class, you’re not absolutely sure that you have all the details, forms, contracts, information, and inside tips to go do your very own low down-payment, no qualifying deals, just let me know and I’ll refund your measly $297 investment.

Sheesh, what’s your excuse now? Register, and I’ll see you (or, at least, you’ll see me) on February 3rd.



As always, Inner Circle members get a discount: a big one in this case. You’ll pay just $197–$100 off!

Fast Track members are free, but you do need to register to get the manual etc.