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Troy MI: 30 Days to $10K: How to Wholesale Houses in the 2020 Market with Vena Jones-Cox [LIVE WEBINAR]

Everyone knows that wholesaling is the quickest and easiest way to put cash in your pocket in the real estate business.  The problem is, most people don’t actually understand how to do wholesale deals when the market changes, like it’s doing right now.  A buyer’s market is good in some ways (more cheap properties available,

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Guest Blogger Kathy Kennebrook: Creating that Work-Life Balance so You Can Play Hard, Too.

Kathy Kennebrook, aka “The Marketing Magic Lady” is a 15 year veteran of the real estate market. Best known for her effective methods of getting seller leads, she also writes about lifestyle issues for real estate investors. She’s one of the 8 amazing ladies presenting at the Molding the Millionaire Mind conference in Columbus on

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Inner Circle E-Lesson: Who’s your best prospect?

Who’s Your Best Prospect? There’s a super-important step to effective marketing that people seem to skip right past when they’re thinking about attracting sellers, buyers, renters, partners, etc. As you may have heard me say before, there are three things that work together to make marketing “work”— Having the right message Putting it in the

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