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How to Work with Other Investors Right

            I was in Minneapolis a few weeks back, trying to explain to a room full of real estate investors how to leverage each other’s time and resources in a way that was mutually beneficial.             The problem that I’d stumbled on, AGAIN, was that the brand-new investors in the room were either afraid to

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3 Stages in Your Journey to Success

For whatever reason, a lot of real estate investor have this idea that a career path in real estate is strategy-based; we’re all supposed to start with wholesaling, move on to the bigger checks (and bigger complications) of retailing, then buy single family rentals, and then, we we’re really knowledgeable, wealthy and experienced, end up

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Win ALL of My Homestudy Courses…

Who Wants to Win $6500 Worth of Home Study Courses? It’s time for the 1st annual “Get Your Year Started Right” giveaway, and one lucky winner will take home every home study course I have–detailed instructions, audios, forms and contracts for: How to wholesale houses for quick cash How to build a wholesaling business that

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What Are Your “Messes”? by Vena Jones-Cox

2019 Will be upon us in just a few weeks, and I’ll bet you’ve already thought of some personal and business related goals for the next 12 months. This time of year lends itself well to some deep thinking and goal setting, and even the annual optimism about how THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT. The

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Stay in the Red Zone this Holiday Season by Alton Jones

Alton Jones is a rising star in the retail world. He buys, fixes, and sells houses in 3 markets including LA, Austin, and Memphis. He’s got killer strategies for managing all those projects, and he’s going to share them at the 2018 National Real Estate Investing Summit, November 1-4 in Cincinnati. Are you registered yet?

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