Free Webclass Saturday 10/21: How to Prosper in the 2018 Real Estate Market

I’ve had a crazy number of requests to somehow do the 3-hour “market update” class that I’ve been presenting live as an online class for people who don’t live in the area or who couldn’t get to it on a weeknight. After much scoffing about the idea that ANYONE was going to watch a 3-hour online class, I realized that if I worked at it, I could probably get it down to TWO hours without losing much content, and then I thought, “Well, it WOULD be interesting to see if people can actually pay attention to an online class for 2 hours” and once I have the thought that something is interesting, that’s pretty much it for me.

So Saturday morning from 9-11 eastern, I’ll give a condensed but still useful version of said class, where I’ll cover where we are in the market cycle, why there won’t be a real estate bubble (but could be a downturn) in the next 12 months, how to make a lot of money if that happens, what to do about the 3 big market challenges (deals, money, labor) in the meantime, and 2 exit strategies that you MUST know.

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2 Comments on “Free Webclass Saturday 10/21: How to Prosper in the 2018 Real Estate Market

  1. I really really wish I could attend this but I have work obligations unfortunately so I will not be able to attend. Will there be any future webinars on this topic or somewhere I could find a recording to listen to later?

    Thanks so much,

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