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Little Things in Business By Gary Harper

Gary Harper helps real estate investors build a better business—not by becoming better at finding deals, rehabbing, and managing tenants, but by creating better systems, hiring the right people, and establishing and reaching bigger goals through a complete business operating. This is what he’ll be addressing at his all-day workshop at the OREIA National Real…

Wholesalers are the “Canary in the Coalmine” by Vena Jones-Cox

            When the real estate market starts to change, as it is right now, wholesalers are the first to be affected—and if you’re not ready to adjust your business when it does, it can be devastating for your income.             When the real estate market is “Hot” (which is another way of saying it’s a…

How to Work with Other Investors Right

            I was in Minneapolis a few weeks back, trying to explain to a room full of real estate investors how to leverage each other’s time and resources in a way that was mutually beneficial.             The problem that I’d stumbled on, AGAIN, was that the brand-new investors in the room were either afraid to…

Fixin’ to do a Rehab by Jerry Fink

Jerry Fink has been involved in various aspects of real estate for over 30 years.  In the early 2000’s, after being caught in another corporate downsizing, he went into real estate full time.  He’s my go-to for all things rehab, because his background as a CPA makes him very process-driven. He leads to all-day property…

Fight Socialism: Be a Mentor by Pete Fortunato

            Don’t tell him I told you so, but I love Pete Fortunato. He’s the smartest man in real estate and a true guru’s guru. He’s also an unabashed libertarian who speaks and writes about things other than real estate, as in this article.             Pete is making a rare REIA appearance in Cincinnati on…

3 Stages in Your Journey to Success

For whatever reason, a lot of real estate investor have this idea that a career path in real estate is strategy-based; we’re all supposed to start with wholesaling, move on to the bigger checks (and bigger complications) of retailing, then buy single family rentals, and then, we we’re really knowledgeable, wealthy and experienced, end up…


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