The Definitive Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Quickbooks

A Complete 8-Hour Interactive WebClass
Saturday, December 8
th, 9 am – 4 pm

Bookkeeping. Ugh.

                Yeah, yeah, I know: bookkeeping is a boring PITA.

But I know from hard experience that bad books cost you a lot—in money, in stress, and in not understanding your business.

And while you should turn your bookkeeping over to someone else as soon as your business can afford it, I can also attest to the fact that if you don’t already have a good system set up, you’ll never be able to affordably hire someone who can do a good job for you.

Learning these lessons literally cost me over $50,000 in professional clean-up, unnecessary tax-prep fees, and expenses “slipping through the cracks” for months and years at a time.

So Let’s Call it
An Extremely Necessary Evil,
and Learn to Do it Right.

Unfortunately, there’s very little out there to direct real estate investors in how to do the bookkeeping for our unique businesses. Things as simple as:

  • How to account for “overhead” (computers and their maintenance, marketing, mileage and so on) vs. per-deal expenses and income (rehab, wholesale fees, tenant screening etc.) to get a real picture of how your company, and your specific properties, are really performing
  • Accounting for principal vs. interest payments on loans both to and from you—because they get completely different tax treatment
  • Handling invoices for things that aren’t paid yet—both FROM contractors and suppliers and TO tenants and borrowers (by the way, the latter will increase your on-time collections drastically, when you know how to do that)
  • Accounting for your deductible vs. capital expenses correctly

Just aren’t taught in any software manual or class you’ll ever find.

Except this one:

On Saturday, December 8th
Online, From the Comfort of Your Own Home,
You’ll Learn How to Do this Important Function Right.

You’ll need to have Quickbooks Pro installed on your home computer or laptop (NOT the online version—it won’t work for what you need to accomplish here).

You’ll follow along as non-practicing CPA (and experienced rehabber, wholesaler, and landlord) Jerry Fink walks you through the process of:

  • Setting up your QuickBooks ‘chart of accounts’—the most important thing you can possibly do to have the right foundation for everything else
  • Recording bills, paying bills, writing checks
  • Recording income correctly, from rents to sales to land contract payments
  • Recording the purchase of a piece of real estate, whether it’s a rental or a flip
  • Using ‘classes’ to keep your transactions organized
  • Creating and understanding the reports that tell you how your business is really doing
  • Prepping your books for your accountant, so you can save hundreds of dollars in tax prep fees
  • Basic accounting principals you need to understand
  • And much more

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Note: You’ll need Quickbooks Pro on your computer to follow along with this class. It’s the industry standard for real estate investment accounting, and no, the online version won’t work. You can download a free trial or get $100 off a purchase HERE


No, You Don’t Have to Know Anything About Accounting to Benefit.
Yes, You Need This if You’re a New Investor
(in fact, now is exactly the RIGHT time  get this right,
no matter where you are in your career)

This class is 9 am-4 pm eastern time.

In the morning, you’ll get interactive instruction about how to set up your Quickbooks correctly, and in the afternoon, you’ll learn how to run reports, enter income and expenses, and get all your questions answered.

And it’s only $297 (10% off for Inner Circle members and free for FastTrack members)—a tiny fraction of what it costs you each month to have “bad” books.

And of course, it’s 100% guaranteed; attend this class and if you’re not convinced it was worth TWICE what you paid, we’ll refund your investment.

And yes, you’ll get the recordings, too, so you can review what you’ve learned over and over.

Because of the Interactive Nature of this Workshop,
Just 100 can Attend…

Jerry has taught hundreds of investors just like you to whip the bookkeeping monster into submission, and he’ll do the same for you.

But because he answers your questions in real time, and helps you get YOUR books right, we can’t have 500 people in this class.

So you must be one of the first 100 to register below, or by calling (513) 471-5008, to take advantage of this important, down-to-earth training opportunity.

Register today, and get a better, more organized business.

I’ll see you online on December 8th!


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