What Are You Waiting For? Get Started, Already…

Just this morning, I was having yet another conversation with a fellow educator about the frustration we have with students who have the brains, education, and resources to make deals—but who, month after month, do everything BUT make deals.

We discussed people who spend big bucks on courses, set up their LLCs, draft land trusts, buy marketing/accounting/management software, attend REIA meetings religiously, have a color-coded filing system, get their real estate license, start a buyer’s list, concoct every conceivable question about every conceivable scenario in a deal…

…in fact, do everything that it takes to be a successful real estate entrepreneur except make offers.

Many of these people are successful in their other endeavors; many have good jobs, nice houses, great kids, you name it. But they can never seem to get to the point of actually buying a property, no matter what we tell them or how much time passes.

What many of you seem to be waiting for is that NEXT bootcamp or the NEXT investor meeting or the NEXT meeting with their coach.

And what you’re hoping for is that you’ll read something, hear something, or learn something that makes all the fear go away, makes you completely sure of yourself, and makes you 100% confident that the next step you take is the right one.

I’m here to tell you, from the perspective of almost 2 decades’ experience, that the day you’re waiting for will NEVER come.

Just as a doctor comes out of medical school with all the knowledge the system can cram into his head, but is still terrified at having to do his first real procedure on his first real person, YOU will never get so much education that your first offer won’t be terrifying.

Like the new M.D., you’ll have to do what you learn in the real world, over and over, before you have any level of confidence that you know what you’re doing.

And like an M.D., you can provide yourself with a safety net in the form of  people who know more than you do to guide you as you go along—it’s called the Inner Circle, and you should try it out.

And on the bright side, you probably won’t kill any of your patients during the learning process.

Quit hoping that you’ll get a bolt from heaven that will make you brave, and get brave by getting going!

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