Workshop Registration: Beyond the IRA: How (and Why) to Use Solo 401(K)s for More Tax Saving and Investing Power


April 10th, 10 am – 3:00 pm

FINALLY, there’s an inexpensive training that lays out the basics of Solo 401(K)s, which might have huge advantages for you, but which you probably don’t completely understand.

If you’re a self-employed real estate entrepreneur (even if it’s your ‘side hustle’) these plans can let you sock away a lot MORE money every year, and make bigger tax-free or tax-deferred investments with less red tape. But they’re also subject to different costs and rules, of course…

This 5 hour training, presented by John Bowens of Equity Trust Company, gets you completely up to speed on how to start a 401(K), how much you can contribute each year, why they’re better for buying creative deals, and the rest of the rules and advantages—and the training is, as always, 100% moneyback guaranteed: you’ll agree it’s worth MORE than the (under $100) tuition, or your money back!


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April 10th, 10 am – 3:00 pm
Beyond the IRA:
How (and Why) to Use Solo 401(K)s
for More Tax Saving and Investing Power

If you’re self-employed—whether that’s as a full time or part time real estate investor, property manager, real estate agent, CPA, insurance agent, whatever—AND you invest in real estate, notes, or private loans, you REALLY need to look into the Solo 401(K) retirement plan.

But it’s surprisingly hard to get information that’s both legally accurate and aimed at the specific needs of real estate investors out in the world. So we’re bringing it into yours.

John Bowens, National Education Specialist for Equity Trust Company, has put together this 5 hour class to get you up to speed and answer YOUR questions about:

  • Whether you qualify to open a Solo(k), and how to GET qualified, if you’re not (there’s a LOT of online misinformation about this very basic topic, so don’t get it from Google, Okay?)
  • How you can bring your family and business partners into the Solo(K), and ‘spread the wealth’
  • How much you can REALLY contribute each year—it’s probably a lot more than you can put into an IRA, but what the heck does the IRS mean by “substantial and recurring contributions”??
  • The tax benefits of contributing as an employee vs. and employer
  • All about the Roth component of a Solo(K), and how it lets you and your spouse can contribute $100k+ a year and invest with tax-free growth
  • The thing that’s going to thrill our ‘creative investors’ the most: why you can borrow money in your 401K without paying that nasty Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)
  • How to establish a Solo(k)—the (more complicated than an IRA) paperwork you’ll need to submit
  • What to do if you don’t qualify for a Solo(k) today, but might in the future
  • Prohibited transactions—what you cannot invest in with a Solo(k)—and why, unlike with an IRA, they’re not death to your account
  • Processing an investment with a Solo(k)—what forms are required, how technology streamlines the process
  • Client case studies on Solo(k) investing into:  Real Estate (single/multi-family or commercial), Real Estate notes, syndications,  Real Estate Joint Ventures, Private Placements and more, that will inspire you to find deals to do with your new 401(K)
  • And, of course, your questions, answered.

YES, the workshop will be recorded, and recordings sent to all registrants.


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