Replay schedule for the Fundamentals of Wholesaling Webinar

I KNOW you’re going to ask, so here’s the replay schedule for last night’s “Fundamentals of Wholesaling Houses for a $5,000-$15,000 profit in 30 days” webinar

Thursday at noon eastern:
Thursday at 3 eastern:

Saturday at 10 am eastern:


NEXT WEEK, I’m Doing an
All-New “Wholesale Market Update”

Webinar on Tuesday, July 19th


In this annual update, I’ll cover what’s new in:


  • The legal & legislative field, including the indictment against the Northern Indiana wholesalers
  • The hottest property types to wholesale today
  • How the deals are found when there’s no “inventory”
  • Anything else I can think of that will help you be a more prosperous wholesaler in 2016

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