Virtual CFS 2024

Virtual Attendance at the Creative Finance Summit Means…

            We’ll be simulcasting sessions on Zoom from 8:30 am to 9 pm (with the usual breaks for dinner etc.).

        When you select “virtual attendee”, you’ll get a link to watch these sessions as they happen the night before the event.

        HOWEVER, because we’re in breakout sessions during the afternoon, and because we don’t have enough literal and figurative band width to run 3 simultaneous Zoom meetings, you’ll be able to view ONE of the 2-4 breakouts in each of the 2 afternoon sessions. And no, you don’t get to pick which one. It’s the one in the room where the complicated camera/computer rigging is set up. ‘Cause we can’t keep moving it around.

        Like the in-person attendees, you’ll also get audio recordings of the breakouts you can’t attend 2 weeks after the event, and we’ll also give you a link to the Summit manual, which will contain some speaker’s slide presentations, a handful of sample documents, and a cool wrap mortgage calculator.

        So in Summary:

  • You’ll be able to watch the SIMULCAST of all general sessions, and of one of the breakouts, selected by us, all day for all 3 days
  • You’ll get the recordings of ALL sessions 2 weeks after the event
  • You’ll get any handouts or supplemental materials supplied by the presenters

        Register to attend virtually HERE