The Real Estate Goddess's Wholesaling School

8 Week Online Class

The Last Wholesaling Course You’ll Ever Need
(or I’ll pay for your next one)

My name is Vena Jones-Cox, and I’ve made literally millions of dollars wholesaling houses.

After hundreds of deals and 2 decades in the business, I know the most direct route from zero to profit, and I also know that if you want a long-term, sustainable business, you need to treat people right, do what you say you’ll do, and cross and dot your metaphorical t’s and i’s.

About 15 years ago, I decided to start teaching other people how to earn the high incomes in wholesaling, too.  So I wrote an incredibly detailed manual, created audios and videos, and set out to change people’s lives.

And Then I Discovered Something that
Genuinely Shocked Me:

Far More People Were GETTING My Course
Than Were USING My Course.

OK, so call me naïve.

I honestly thought that if I gave grown-ups every detail of what to do and not to do to easily earn 6 figures a year PART TIME, they’d definitely, for sure, take action on it and completely change their lives.

Some did, of course: I hear from students all the time who’ve been able to quit their jobs, or stay home and raise their kids, or put relatives through college, or take their real estate investments to the next level using cash they earned wholesaling.

But I didn't start teaching hoping that some people would implement these powerful concepts.

I teach wholesaling to create as many 6-figure earners as possible.

So I’ve Been Researching
What It’s Going to Take
To Get YOU to Be Successful
At Wholesaling Real Estate…

And it turns out (at least according to people who study this stuff) that the REASON many people never take action on the detailed information I give them is simple:

Adults need to learn in a specific way, and
“out of the book” just doesn’t work for everyone

Apparently, you’re going to retain:

  • 10% of what you read
  • 20% of what you hear
  • 30% of what you watch…
  • But a full 90% of what you experience!

My Mission is Simple:
To Create 100 New
$100,000/Yr Earners
In the Next 12 Months…

And I’ve Finally Figured Out HOW.

I’m going to break down the process of wholesaling a house into bite-sized chunks through a weekly web class, and then send you out to get the experience you need to actually learn (and, more importantly, profit from) wholesaling.

            Each week, you’re going to find out:

  • WHAT you need to do,
  • HOW to do it
  • and then you’ll be given an assignment to complete that gets you one step closer to a check

My goal?

To get you a real-life wholesale check during the 8 weeks of the class.

And Here’s the Important Thing:
You’ll Be Held Accountable
for Doing What You Need to Do
To Get PAID…

Yes, there will be homework.

And yes, you’ll be expected to turn in the results.

And if you do it right, I GUARANTEE you that you’ll be on your way to reaching your income goals by the end of the 8 weeks, or your money back (more on that in a minute).

Here’s the thing about being an entrepreneur: normally, only YOU hold you accountable (and I think you’ve probably seen how that works out already…)

For the 8 weeks of this class, I’LL hold you accountable, by telling you exactly what you need to do and giving you an assignment to report back to me whether you’ve done it.

By the end of this 8-week class, you’ll have learned AND PRACTICED:

  • Pulling together the resources you need to find, evaluate, and sell deals
  • Finding the values of properties so that you can make the right offer
  • Estimating the repair costs so that you can confidently ask the right price
  • Finding the deals from a variety of on and off market sources
  • Getting information from sellers (and getting them to their bottom dollar, fast, so that they don’t waste your time)
  • Putting properties under contract safely and correctly
  • Finding buyers and getting the deal sold (even in oddball situations like when the house is occupied)
  • Getting paid UP FRONT (none of this “I’ll pay you at closing” B.S. from sellers)
  • Guiding the deal to a successful closing

Now tell me; if you really understand and practice all of these skills, will you be able to do wholesale deals, or not?

(The answer is yes, or you pay nothing).

And Yes, All of the
Forms and Contracts
You Need to Wholesale
Are Included…

I’m not just going to talk for a couple of hours each week and then send you out on your own to do deals.

And I’m not going to charge you extra for the forms and contracts, the way some ‘gurus’ do.

Nope, I’m going to give you all the documents, checklists, forms, contracts, even a robust weekly written summary and basic marketing samples.

You’ll have zero excuses for not making deals. Zero.

Make This Investment
In Your Wholesaling Business,
And I Guarantee Your Success,
Or Your Money Back

You’ll FINALLY have the chance to absorb the important skills and activities the create checks in an organized, building-block fashion.

All you need to do is attend the Wednesday night classes (don’t worry, if you miss one, we’ll be recording them and posting the recordings for you to watch), do the assignments, and watch your skills and confidence grow until you cash that first check.

If I’m wrong, and DESPITE all of my detailed teaching and help, you still can’t get paid?

Just ask for your money back and I’ll cheerfully refund it*, which will certainly pay for your NEXT wholesaling class, right?

And Speaking of Money--
Here’s Your Investment

Wholesaling school is a meager $1,597—about 22% of ONE wholesale fee in a typical cheap midwestern market.

You’ll also need to act fast;
I’m only accepting 100 new students.

Since I’ll be reviewing and giving feedback on your homework each week, and since I have an active wholesaling business of my own, I can’t accept hundreds of people into this class.

I’ll be cutting off registration at 100 new students—that’s the 100 new 6-figure earners I’m trying to create in the next 12 months, anyway—so if you want to be one of them, better register now.

Really understanding, and implementing, wholesaling was a game-changer for me. It tripled my income almost instantly, it gave me the cash I needed to make (and maintain) long-term investments, and it allowed me to quit my job and make my time my own.

I’m certain that it can do the same for you—but you have to invest the time and money to learn it, just like I did.

If you have the drive to change your financial future permanently and for the better, take. This. Class. I’m literally guaranteeing you that it’s the thing you need to—FINALLY—be a prosperous and successful wholesaler.

I’ll see you online.

-- Vena

P.S. Here are some questions we’ve been getting about the class since we announced it:

What’s the schedule? We’ll meet online when it's convenient for you.. Some classes may be longer or shorter, depending on your questions. Each week will cover a specific step in the wholesaling process, from getting ready through getting the deal to closing.

What if I have to miss a class? Whether you have another obligation or you’re coming in to the class late, you’ll still be able to take advantage of the course. Each class will be recorded, and the video, slides, handouts, and homework will be posted by Friday of the same week.

If this class furthers your ‘mission’, how come it isn’t free? I’ve been teaching real estate for over 20 years, and I have a lot of experience that tells me that giving away my systems and knowledge is a waste of my time. People who don’t value the wisdom I’ve built up in the course of over 800 wholesale deals enough to pay for it also don’t take action on it. People who think that they should get ‘something for nothing’ make TERRIBLE, unethical wholesalers, and I’m not a bit interested in creating another one of those. If you believe the online BS about how you can create a 6-figure income by piecing together a free education from YouTube, you’re not going to like the level of detail and honesty you get from me, anyway.

Is this class suitable for a raw beginner? Yes.

Is it really everything I need to know? Absolutely yes.

I’ve already bought other courses about wholesaling, and still haven’t done a deal. Will this just be another waste of my money? I’m not worried about your money, since if you pay in full and aren’t happy with what you get, I’ve got a full money back guarantee. What I’m worried about is you wasting your TIME, and mine. Wholesaling school will be a complete waste if you 1. Don’t attend (or watch later) the classes. 2. Don’t do the homework. 3. Have a deeply ingrained fear of financial success, or don’t believe that you can affect the outcomes of your own life.

Wholesaling school is only for people who know that any 6-figure business is going to require knowledge and work, and who are willing to get that knowledge and do that work.

By breaking it down into bite-sized pieces and assignments, I think I’m giving you a much higher chance for success than ‘other courses’. Oh, and also, I actually know what I’m doing, which may or may not be true of the authors of those ‘other courses’.