Really Free Wholesaling Overview

So many people have asked for this that I've made a series of videos to help you understand what this whole wholesaling thing is all about. Start with this one, and the rest will play automatically.

Webinar Monday: What You Need to Know to Earn a 6-Figure Income Wholesaling

It occurred to me a week or so ago that I talk a LOT about the basic skills of wholesaling (go to my YouTube Channel HERE for a bunch of free content on those topics), but I rarely get to share what it takes to build "Look mom, I wholesaled a house!" into a real…

Profitable Lessons from the “Real Estate Generation Gap”

I’ve been thinking lately about the massive difference between people who began investing in real estate a generation ago and people who have joined the business more recently. This difference I’m talking about isn’t one of the age of the practitioners. Today, as 30 years ago, there are people from their 20s to their 80s…

Inner Circle Lesson: Why I’m a Great Wholesaler (and how to be just like me)

When I started wholesaling real estate around 20 years ago, I was exactly like you probably are today—scared to make lowball offers, uncertain that I’d be able to sell my deals, and perfectly willing to fritter every day away designing logos for my business rather than dong the scary work of making deals and selling them.

Finding Rehab Deals with Robyn Thompson

Check out the episode titled, "Finding Deals with Robyn Thompson" recorded on September 22nd, 2021 from WMKV, 89.3 FM • WLHS, 89.9FM.